Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seattle: A Recap

So it's been a week since we've been home and we immediately hit the ground running.  Since returning I've jumped full force back into work with tons of albums to design and a couple of sessions to shoot (a wedding and an engagement on some sweltering hot days brought out the sweat belt between my chest and growing belly, it was classy) as well as put up VBS decorations for our church.  Chris and I are finally slowing down and looking forward to being guests at a special wedding this weekend.  Miss Cathy's daughter, Amanda, is getting hitched and we can't wait to celebrate with the family.

So, all that to say, I have struggled to sit down and write on the ole blog.

Lucky for me I'm entering that phase of pregnancy where you just don't sleep, which I think is God's kind way of preparing me for the first sleepless months of bringing baby home.  Last night I tossed and turned and thought ugly thoughts about birthing children.  I'm beginning to feel anxious about the physical act of giving birth, because let's face it, babies come into the world in a pretty violent sort of way.  But, I've done it before, I can do it again.  And it's worth it.  Oh, and it's inevitable.  No turning back now.  Baby's coming out one way or another.  Have I made you uncomfortable yet?  Enough about birth.  I'm sure I'll have more steam of conscious, borderline inappropriate, thoughts to share as we get closer to D day but I'll spare you those thoughts now.

All that to say, I've been waking up before the sun and making lists and getting stuff done because sleep doesn't seem to be an option.  Lists take me to a happy place when I feel life spinning chaotically out of control.  Can I get an amen?  So here I am, having been up a couple of hours and finally getting around to writing about our trip to Seattle.

Get on with it already, right?
 We left Rochester at 4:00 am and arrived in Seattle by 8:30 am.  We were fortunate enough to get a direct flight from Minneapolis to Seattle, giving us minimal time in the airport and a full day in Seattle upon arrival.  To occupy Lakin, we brought along our good friend, Dora, and she was perfectly content to sit and watch a few episodes.  Upon arrival we hit up the Blue Dog Cafe for some amazing breakfast and Lakin got her wiggles out on the outdoor deck where we ate.  That evening we met up with David and Jessica and went to early pizza happy hour followed by a showing of Les Miserables at the 5th Avenue Theater followed by late night happy hour nachos at the Matador.  Seattle does it's Happy Hour right, tons of great food deals and during general eating hours.

The following day (and all the days that followed... are you following?) we were up pretty dang early since Seattle is two hours behind Minnesota and our schedule-loving little girl thought 5am was an appropriate wake time to begin her day.  Sharing a room with Lakin means waking up to a beam of sweet sunshine.  There's lots of singing and story telling and she catches any move you make.  As soon as you stir she's on to the fact that you are awake and ready to start your day as well.  I loved hearing her sweet conversations with herself while Chris and I pretended to still be asleep each morning.

We stayed in Magnolia and were walking distance from a cute downtown with coffee shops and lots of parks.  Below is a somewhat ironic photo; we'd finally found a park that first morning only to discover Lakin fast asleep in her stroller from the walk there.   No worries, Lakin rallied her energy and was playing in no time after she woke up.  Park time is not taken lightly.
 As with any trip with the Jaeger family, there's plenty of good eating.  We went to Paseo one day for lunch- cuban sandwiches that make your mouth salivate (pork, banana peppers, special mayo sauce, yum, yum, yum) and took them to a park to enjoy.  It was sunny and mid-eighties every day we were there.  Such a relief from the Minnesota heat we'd been experiencing.
 We celebrated Dennis' 60th birthday while in Seattle by cooking some awesome pizza at the apartment. Here's just one of the fine combos we whipped up that night.
 Lakin got to love on her future aunt.  She was quickly in love with her Aunt Jessica and could often be found by her side.  As I type this post, Lakin got excited to see this photo with Jessica.  Her words, "That's Aunt Jessica.  She's good.  She's fancy.  Yeah, fancy."

 We did a little hiking around the San Juan Island and saw some incredible scenery.  I wonder if you saw the ocean all the time if it would just feel common place or if you'd always be in awe?

 The famous and loved: Uncle David!

 Much of our trip did revolve around good food.  We went to the San Juan Islands-having to ride a ferry to get there-one day and stopped at this look out point for some tasty snacks.

 This lucky little girl has been to the ocean three times in her life already!  She loved playing in the water and attempting to skip rocks like her daddy.

One evening, after a delicious seafood dinner at Roy's we went to Golden Gardens.  This is where David proposed to Jessica and where they spend a lot of their Seattle evenings.  The sun was setting and it was pretty spectacular.

 Our family photo with the sunset was less than ideal.  Someone was being quite a fuss pants.  I'm making my "who invited her" face.

We spent an afternoon at Pike's Place Market and took in the sights and sounds of this bustling marketplace.

 Dennis and Chris pose in front of the ORIGINAL Starbucks and pay homage to the greatest coffee franchise ever.
 We ate at the Maximus Minimus food truck for lunch- really fantastic pork sandwiches.  This has been on Dennis' Seattle bucket list since our trip there last year.  Glad we could cross it off the list.  We'll definitely be back in future visits.

 Pregnant chick in front of a giant pig food truck.  Good idea or bad?  You be the judge.
Lakin rocked the pink glitter Toms while in Seattle.  These little feet were too cute to not capture.

This recap barely does the trip justice.  It was so good to be with family and spend time together.  We can hardly wait to get back there this December for the wedding.

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  1. Sometimes it's easier to catch up on things by reading your blog than in person as our children keep us fairly preoccupied when we're together! Glad you guys had such a great trip:)