Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dancing Queen

As mentioned in my last blog post, we were honored to attend the wedding of a dear friend of ours this past weekend.  Patrick and Amanda were married at the Rochester Golf and Country Club and I was the personal attendant.  It was so fun being a part of their intimate day and helping behind the scenes to make sure all things ran smoothly.  The wedding was gorgeous, the weather was perfect and the bride was breathtaking.  See for yourself.  
 Chris was in charge of getting Lakin to the three o'clock wedding and making sure she looked adorable and presentable.  I set out a cute little plaid dress and gave simple instructions.  About twenty minutes before the wedding I called to see how they were doing and to remind him to comb her hair.  Lady has some serious bed head immediately following her nap.  But my call was a bit too late, they were already in the car and Chris promised me her hair was fine, even without a comb through...
 This is how Chris enjoyed the wedding.  He and Lakin were on the outskirts, walking the golf course, and he was doing everything in his power to keep our chatty Cathy quiet and not disrupt the ceremony.  Yes, Lakin is lying face down between his legs.  I love this man.  He is a super dad.  She insisted on giving running commentary the entire ceremony.  "Dat's Amanda.  People are standing, Daddy.  Why's Cathy crying?  I want Cathy.  Patrick!  She is a fancy girl.  What's Amanda doing?  I want Cathy."
 After the ceremony and my personal attendant duties were all wrapped up Lakin and I reunited.  She puckered up for some sweaty kiss love.
 Would I have combed that mane?  Yes.  Am I grateful for all that my husband does.  Yes.  The hair was wild, but so is the girl so I guess I can't complain.
 Lakin was itching to get to Cathy while she greeted guests in the receiving line.  After all the guests had moved through Cathy came and gave this girl some love.  She was quite delighted by the special attention.
 Lakin was cutting a rug well before the bridal party arrived at the reception.  She even was kind enough to peel up the personalized sticker on the dance floor.  Ahem.  Lakin's style of dancing is quite something.  It involves a lot of running, falling down, and hip shaking.
 Chris had to physically remove Lakin during the first dance, and father/daughter, mother/son dance because she wanted so badly to join them on the dance floor.  When the DJ announced that dance floor was now open, Lakin was quick to jump on the opportunity and she was soon joined by "princess Amanda."  (Lakin's words.)
We cut off the dance party for the Jaeger family around 7:30.  By that time the floor was full and Lakin was a ticking time bomb.  She refused to be held and dance and simply didn't want to be in one place.  She preferred to dodge in and out from under people's feet and cause a ruckus.  Chris and I figured we should cut our losses and call it a night before Lakin seriously annoyed more wedding guests.

First wedding for little miss and she did pretty well.  We definitely have some work to do before her debut as flower girl this December in her Uncle David's wedding.  At least we know she's got some killer dance moves.


  1. Chris you truly are a gem! I thought Lakin had done so well during the ceremony!! Had no idea you were watching from a distance. Sara if that first pic is any indication of the pics you got of Amanda I can't wait to see more!! You were the best PA EVER!!! And watching Lakin on the dance floor was a hoot!! Thanks again for sharing such a wonderful day with us!!! Now its done and time to have lots of playdates!!!!! See ya soon.

  2. This made me laugh out loud. The picture of Chris with lakin laying at his feet his HILARIOUS. And I cracked up at the hair, only because I'm trying to get Matt to let me give him "hair lessons" since he'll now have two little ladies. I'm always smiling when he does Natalie's hair.

  3. Amanda--Absolutely gorgeous! I laugh every time I see the picture of Chris out in the field with Lakin (yes, I am guilty to looking at your blogs several times to see that little munchkin).

  4. The pic of Chris with Lakin is classic! Beautiful photos and great humor as usual Sara!