Friday, August 31, 2012

38 weeks: an update and comparison

Here's my creeper photo from this morning, just shy of 38 weeks.
And here I am at 38 weeks with Lake Monster.

Sorta similar.

I bet you guys are thinking, this chick should have the baby already because I'm sick of hearing about pregnancy and seeing sub par photos of her in the mirror.  Me too, friends, me too.

But for the 5% interested, I'll go ahead and share a little update.

How far along: 38 weeks.  2 more weeks until we hit the due date.  My intention is to have this baby before that day.  I figure I can will he or she out of my body with positive thinking and lunges.  (Just kidding mom and dad, I am resting and taking care of myself.  So don't scold me the next time we talk.)   Going over the due date must be like showing up to the airport with all your bags packed only to discover your all expense paid trip to Disney isn't until NEXT week.  This analogy falls apart in so many ways but go with me.

How big is baby:  This little one is measuring right on track and was about 6 1/2 lbs at the last OB visit.  We got an extensive look at the little tot and everything is cooking evenly.  :)

Total weight gain: Oh pregnancy weight gain, you evil, necessary, fact of life.  To be honest, I'm not sure what the total number is at this point.  I know it's very similar to my gain with numero uno.  Mayo has you measure yourself in kilograms because they're weird like that and I simply choose to not do the conversion.  Nurse always offers at each visit and I tell her it's not necessary.  It is what it is.  Pretty soon I'll be doing the most fantastic weight loss program ever... lactation.  So what's another Oreo right now?

Maternity Clothes: Yes, I own them.  No, there's not much to choose from anymore.  Yes, they all make me feel huge.  No, they rarely cover all of my body.  Yes, there is a new Forever 21 at our local mall.  Yes, I sort of throw up a little walking by.  I will do a happy dance when I can wear something other than leggings and maternity jeans- I can video the dance for you if you'd like.  Having a baby just in time for Fall sales.  How's that for perfect timing?    

Stretch Marks: Fortunately, no.  Yippee!

Sleep: Can't complain.  About one night a week I wake up and do a little Internet scouring for a few hours because I lie away thinking crazy thoughts about labor and delivery.  It's some scary stuff, people.  Otherwise, I'm soaking up the zzzzzzs.  

Movement: If this baby moves any more, it will bust out of my stomach, Alien style.  Much more movement this time around.  Not sure what that says for the future state of my home.  Two insanely active children...  

Food Cravings: Only delicious things.
What I Miss:  Bending over.  Stepping outside without breaking into a hot sweat.  Easily getting in and out of bed.  Variety in my wardrobe.

What I am Looking Forward To: Being on the other side of this.  Holding the baby and snuggling it while hospital staff bring me delicious meals.  I'm looking forward to watching Lakin become a big sister and teaching her how to love another little family member.  Loving another child in a similar and crazily unique way.  All the sweet snuggle time new babies are willing to give you.  Seeing Chris become a father to two and the joy and struggle that comes with growing a family and doing it as a team.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


So I stink at waiting.  Yeah, I'm pretty bad at it.  I remember when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Lakin I was simply ready to have a baby.  When a doctor told me I was 2cm dilated a couple weeks before my due date I figured that meant I'd have a baby any minute.  Nope.  Still waited another week and a half.  Pure agony.

I have a little over two weeks to my due date.  There's no rational reason to believe I should have gone into labor before now but the 10 month pregnant mind is anything but rational.  In fact I don't know if I can expect to think terribly rational until tater tot's first birthday.  But I digress.

Every day I wake up and wonder if this will be the day we meet our newest little.  Every night I go over the scenario in my mind if I wake up to contractions or my water breaks in the middle of the night.  Stomach cramps make me quickly think through my checklist of what needs to be done on the way to the hospital.  I am living on the edge of insanity waiting for a baby.

On top of that, I fear my labor will be too fast this time.  It was about two hours with Lakin.  Two hours!  Sounds like a dream to many, and I feel fortunate that things went the way they did but two hours doesn't buy you much time to get your toddler to a safe place, get your laboring self to a hospital, page your husband, and hopefully make it to the safety of a delivery room in time to push a baby out.  And, as great of a story it would make, I do not want to deliver this baby a. at our home b. in a car c. in the lobby of the hospital (true story of one precipitous laborer at Mayo-poor woman).

But I'm not in control of how and when this baby comes.  God is, though.  He's got a plan and it may or may not involve making sure my camera is packed and I have shaved my legs.  But it's perfect.

Wait on the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD.

It will be a joyful day when we finally meet this little one.  I'm sure there will be an epic story to tell you.  Don't worry, I'll share more than you care to know, it's what I do.  No matter how it ends up, it will be just as the Lord planned.

And because I have been slacking in the photo department, I leave you with some Lake Bug pictures to brighten your day.
 Those eyes are so beautiful.  Don't you love that little polka dot cardigan?  She could be a Crew Cuts model.
As mentioned in an earlier post, lots of princess play, lots of dress up, lots of jewels and accessories.  For the rough and tumble girl, she's also quite feminine.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Motherhood is...

walking around, one tiny step at a time with a princess skirt around your knees since its officially dress up time at your house.

Anatomy of a Group Kid Shot

So we did a quick jaunt to St. Louis this weekend for some needed time with our beloved life friends.  There was also a Fantasy Football draft that has been tradition for years (this is Lakin's 3rd draft weekend in St. Louis).  Last year the twins were still in utero and Bonnie and Everett were living in Korea so it was a full/ mad house this year with 4 babies hanging around.  Here's our attempt at a group photo with kids.  Also missing from our photo is Mary Kate who is in Bolivia right now and our friend, Polly, and her daughter, Adelyn, who were hosting a baby shower in Columbia and couldn't make it up for the weekend.

Props to the twins for staying rock solid during all the takes.  Now that squirmy grump in my arms is another story!

Since football was the main reason for our trip we ladies took charge of the babies for the weekend and got quite the workout chasing kids around.  Saturday was locked up in about 4 hours of on and off napping and we were homebound after 6:45 for our littles to sleep.  It was quite a production keeping 4 kids alive, fed, and well-rested but totally worth it.  I miss these friends so much.

Here are a few more photos from the weekend.
 Reece Cup.
 Everett- who never stopped smiling.  Ever.
 Beautiful Bonnie and Big E

Carly and Peyton

Another highlight from this weekend was that Chris can now sing all the songs on our Veggie Tales CD.  Listened to that thing through probably 80 times between here and St. Louis.  Woke up with the song, Shake a Friend's Hand stuck in my head.  Life with children sure is different.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Lakin: "Lets hold hands and street walk."

Yes, lets.

Never grow up little one.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lakin the Explorer

Casey was faithful to provide images from this weekend's camping adventure since my own husband refused to take a camera along.  Thanks, Casey.  I have loved looking at the pictures from the trip.  What a little explorer we have on our hands.

 We borrowed the backpack (made for carrying small children, mind you) from our neighbors.  Lakin hated it.  Her comment to me when she returned, "I stuck in the backpack.  I don't want to go in the bag"
 Her favorite campsite toy, thoughtfully supplied by Casey.

 She was a tremendous help at the set up and tear down of camp, as you can plainly see.
 Pretty nice set up.
 Found Dad's toothbrush.  Score!
 Chiefs and Colts coffee mug face off.

 Camping foil pouches for dinner.
 First one to rise at the campsite and wake everyone else up at 6:15am.  The shirt is ringing true, she really is the sunshine on these early mornings.
 Time out?
 Loving on Fiji and Casey.
 Tent time!
 Breakfast consisted of multiple pieces of toast and some eggs and bacon.  Hearty eater, our girl.
A watched foil packet never cooks, Lakin.  The wood surrounding the fire was Lakin's boundaries, which  she only crossed a few times, resulting in time out time on the cooler.

Camping was a success and Lakin has continued to talk about how much fun she had with Casey, Daniel, Fiji and Daddy.  She wanted to sleep in a tent again last night at bedtime.  Next time I'll have to join the camping fun when I'm not obscenely pregnant.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

On being awkward and nerdy...

Yesterday was my last wedding for a while.  I'm officially on maternity leave from shooting weddings.  It was an awesome wedding to go out on, though.  Ryan and Katrina were straight up awesome to work with.  They were beautiful and kind and so so in love with one another.  The weather was gorgeous and their bridal party was so willing and accommodating and genuinely celebrated their big day with them.  I'm pretty sure Katrina can't possibly take a bad picture, which meant we got a TON of great stuff and had a blast in the process.  Can't wait to show you some images from this wedding.  As we were saying goodbye we exchanged hugs and well wishes and then I told them, "Best of luck."  What?  Certainly not what you tell a recently married bride and groom.  Why did it come out of my mouth?  Probably because I am about 70% awkward at any given time.  Scott gave me a hard time about the comment as we were leaving and I joked, I might as well have said, "Break a leg,"  "Hope you make it."  Jeesh.  Open mouth, insert foot.  I am actually a huge nerd.

While I was working, Chris took Lakin camping with friends.  I'm anxious to see them when they return this afternoon and hear how their camping adventure was.  Chris texted me around 9:00 and said Lakin was requesting her bed.  Silly girl.  She was so excited to sleep in a tent.  Hope everyone got some good rest.

I am enjoying my solitary morning.  Actually went and got a Starbucks mocha and plan to do nothing all morning.  The first sip of a white chocolate mocha is maybe one of my favorite taste sensations ever.  I imagine it's similar to the ecstasy that a drug user gets when he take his initial hit.  Maybe a little different.

Yep, all a part of my wild and crazy life.  Happy Sunday morning to you!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Well we've been long overdue for a little update on the blog.  The last couple of weeks have felt busy, although I work part time- how busy could they really be?

Perhaps I was feeling a little lazy?  Writer's block?  But nonetheless, I felt I owed an update to our readers and was thinking it would be good to keep on recording.  Despite the fact that I have nothing to say (never stopped me before) I do love looking back over old posts and remembering the fun times we've had as a family.

Chris' parents just came for a few days over last weekend and helped us get our house in shape.  Being homeowners is kind of the pits at times.  It's not all paint and rainbows, friends.  There's clogged garbage disposals, water damage, and wasps the size of your head that try to get us down.    

We've had a list of home projects started from the day we moved in.  Things like: replace the rotting trim around the garage and secure bookshelves to walls so babies who are adventurous can't be harmed.  There's been some cabinets in the kitchen who silently mock me as they hang catty wompus on their hinges, refusing to neatly close.  The list continued to grow and we continued to sit on it.  Enter Dennis, handy man extraordinaire.

Chris' dad spent his vacation working on our house.  He went right to work replacing trim, securing bookshelves, and laughed in the face of those crooked cabinets.  Everything on the list was completed and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all the minor projects are behind us... for now.  Dennis even tackled the giant wasps that were making a home in a crack on our driveway.  These ground wasps (which I just looked up in wikipedia so you know my info is legit) are enormous and have been seen carrying grasshoppers and other insects into their nest.

"In preparation for egg laying, they construct a protected "nest" (some species dig nests in the ground, while others use pre-existing holes) and then stock it with captured insects. Typically, the prey are left alive, but paralyzed by wasp toxins. The wasps lay their eggs in the provisioned nest. When the wasplarvae hatch, they feed on the paralyzed insects."

Um, yikes!  He sealed the nest and killed many with his bare hands the wasp spray.  Haven't seen a bird sized wasp in days.  Praise Jesus!

We opened presents for Lakin's birthday while they were here too.  Guess what, she got a few Dora related items.  Shocking, I know.
 We have Dora dining ware, I'm considering selling our plates and replacing them with the Dora collection.  What do you think?  Versatile, easy to clean, a sweet surprise discovery as you devour your mashed potatoes?
 Lakin is wearing a new dress from Gigi.  She's into dresses these days.  That and skirts.  I tried to put pants on her and she informed me that she's not a "pants girl."  Her words, not mine.
 The big hit was a Dora doll Geri found at a sale this summer.  Comes with many outfits and accessories and Lakin was bound and determined to share clothes (and shoes) with her Dora baby.
 This is the face Lakin likes to fall asleep to and wake up with.  Some might feel frightened by these big eyes but they don't seem to bother Lakin.
Gigi did a lot of reading and playing with Lakin.  I worked a wedding and Chris helped Dennis all weekend with home projects so Lakin had Gigi all to herself.  I imagine Gigi is enjoying a little peace and quiet back home now, Lakin was pretty insistent on constant play time with her Gigi.

Great weekend.  Lots of time together as a family.  A completed to do list.  Win, win, win.

Monday, August 6, 2012

34 Weeks and US Lately

I'm 34 weeks today.
 This first photo is from my pregnancy with Lakin right around 34 weeks.

 And here we are today with baby #2.   I actually curled my hair.  It was a big moment that needed to be captured.  That and this was the night we ate dinner at the Olive Garden with friends because baby wanted some soup, salad and breadsticks.  Baby's been getting it's way quite often around here.

When comparing these two photos I feel a growing concerned at the obvious discrepancy in belly size.  Either this baby is coming sooner than we think, which would be just alright with me, or I'm birthing a giant baby.  Yikes!  I suppose option #3 would be the soup at Olive Garden is to blame.
Here's my Olive Garden celebration in anticipation of our meal.

So at 34 weeks the baby weighs about 5 pounds and it preparing for blast off.  Our baby is head down, in position and hopefully stays that way.  I'm thinking about all the things we need to have on hand once the baby arrives and getting our lives in as much order as possible in hopes that I can calm the pandemonium that we're about to experience.

I have two more weekends shooting weddings and then it's game on.  Bring on a baby.

Lakin has been a hoot lately.  Who am I kidding, this kid always has me in stitches, but lately we have been laughing non-stop at what she comes up with.  Here are some photos and stories to give you a glimpse into her funny little personality.

The other day while blow drying my hair Lakin was being awful quiet.  I felt someone at the back of my leg only to find a panty liner stuck to the back of my pants.  There was also one stuck to the bathroom cabinet and Lakin was wearing one on her shirt like a sticker.  Because I have no shame, here are some pictures.

I let her keep the "sticker" on until it was time to leave the house.  I can't wait until she's old enough to know what they are really for!

Last Wednesday Lindy and I took Lakin to story time at the library.  She was really enjoying herself until they read the book Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes.

It's a cute story with a catchy tune that is sung throughout the book.  Pretty benign and fun-loving but Lakin broke down with tears of fear when the cat would sing his song.  She was shaking and asking to leave the story room.  So story time ended a bit premature and Lakin has not stopped talking about the blue cat who scared her.  How random?  The kid's in love with monsters but a kitten with shoes on is terrifying?

By far, our favorite time of the day with Lake is bedtime.  We read books and sing songs and she's now singing along with us.  Ill try and catch some video of her singing- it's melt-your-heart-cute.  Also she has a few books memorized and can read them to us while we flip the pages.  Her favorite book right now is Olivia.  There are quite a few similarities between Lakin and Olivia.  They both avoid bedtime, they both try to negotiate more books before bed, and they both seem to enjoy trying on every item of clothing in their closets.
Soaking up as many moments as we can as a family of three and eager to add another baby to this family.  Lakin's going to be a stellar big sister!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Nesting: Musings of the Fat and Sober Part 2

Ironed my nursing covers.  Wiped down the washing machine.  Heaven forbid this baby come and all I have to show for it is a lint covered washing machine and wrinkled nuring covers.

Countdown is beginning.  Contractions have happened.  We have 7 weeks people!

Couldn't sleep last night so I got on and looked a baby names.  What will we call this child?  Lakin seems to think Benny is perfectly acceptable.

I am kind of sweating the whole birth ordeal too.  Knowledge is not power in the case of child number two.  Knowing what's coming might be worse than being in the dark.  Lord help us all.  Or just me, since I am the one who will be enduring the pain.  Not quite at the tipping point where  birth is a better option than remaining pregnant forever.

I also have been online shopping for cute clothes post babers.  I like to place items in my online shopping cart and then close the site before purchase.  It's sort of a sick tease, isn't it?  Want to wear some cute leggings and looking forward to fall wear, when boots are not an insane concept and I don't have to layer a maternity tank underneath to make sure I'm not half mooning my belly to the world.  Trousers that don't need a constant tug to stay up will be nice too.  Saw some mint colored skinny jeans that are calling my post partum name.

That is all.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


You know, as a mother, your child is always exceptional.

"Tommy is rolling over at 2 months."

"Little Jane slept through the night her first week home from the hospital."

"Sally was potty trained at 15 months."

"Mark was reading chapter books at the age of 3."

Most of the time we are totally fooling ourselves.  Oh, and seriously annoying our friends and family with our status updates and false reports.

I am no different than any other proud momma.  I like to think Lakin's a little exceptional too.  But like all moms, I might exaggerate or over estimate just what my girl can do.

I took Lakin for her two year well baby visit.  In case you are wondering, Lakin is continuing to thrive on the growth charts.  There was a slight dip in weight but still well on the curve.  We had a very unfriendly nurse with a German accent.  She weighed Lakin and measured her head and the only thing she said was, "Hmmm, she's a big one."  Um, thanks?

There's a chart of developmentally appropriate activities that I was asked to read through and put a checkmark by the things our child was already doing or had mastered.  I filled the form out while Lakin scribbled on her coloring sheet and I was kind of impressed with all the things our girl could do.  Things that, according to the development chart, were reserved for older children.  I confidently checked off several marks, some ranging all the way into the 4 to 5 year old category and could feel myself swell with pride.  Some of the things I checked off because I was certain it was something Lakin could do if simply given the opportunity.  I guess I was being a bit generous with those check marks.

Here are a few of the items I marked as mastered:

- When asked, for example, "What is an orange?" answers, "A fruit."
- Answers questions like, "What do you do with your eyes? ears?"
- Asks questions beginning with "Why? How? When?"
- Answers questions like, "What do you do with a cracker?"  "A hat?"

Even though I couldn't think of a time when I asked Lakin these things point blank I knew she did know what to do with a cracker or a hat if given one and she knows oranges are fruit and that she loves to eat them.  I might have jumped to a few conclusions, but come on, I knew she understood the concepts.

The physician came in, took our info and looked over our chart.  She asked, somewhat incredulously, if Lakin was really doing all these things.  I am certain she wanted to call me a liar for some of my claims but she was trying to politely get me to fess up on my own.  I stood my ground and she finished the check up.

Chris found our copy of the chart when he got home from work that day and he also questioned the credibility of some of my claims.  After great debate we called Lakin into the kitchen and tried out some of the questions from the chart.

Me: "Lakin, what is an orange?"

Lakin: "It's orange, mommy."

Me: "Yes, but what is it?"

Lakin: "Yummy, I want an orange.  Orange, mommy."

Me: "What is an orange, Lakin?"

Lakin: "Delicious."

Me: "Lakin, what do you do with a cracker?"

Lakin: "Oooh, I want a cracker.  I want a cracker."

Me: "What would you do with a cracker if you had one? "

Lakin:  "Where's the cracker, Mommy.  I want it."

Me: "Lakin, what do you use your eyes for?"


Me: "Your eyes!  What do you do with them?"

Lakin: "Where's the crackers, Mommy.  I need a cracker.  May I have a cracker, please."

Um... Perhaps I might have jumped the gun on a few of those claims.

Or perhaps, my daughter has a one track, cracker-loving mind.