Monday, August 6, 2012

34 Weeks and US Lately

I'm 34 weeks today.
 This first photo is from my pregnancy with Lakin right around 34 weeks.

 And here we are today with baby #2.   I actually curled my hair.  It was a big moment that needed to be captured.  That and this was the night we ate dinner at the Olive Garden with friends because baby wanted some soup, salad and breadsticks.  Baby's been getting it's way quite often around here.

When comparing these two photos I feel a growing concerned at the obvious discrepancy in belly size.  Either this baby is coming sooner than we think, which would be just alright with me, or I'm birthing a giant baby.  Yikes!  I suppose option #3 would be the soup at Olive Garden is to blame.
Here's my Olive Garden celebration in anticipation of our meal.

So at 34 weeks the baby weighs about 5 pounds and it preparing for blast off.  Our baby is head down, in position and hopefully stays that way.  I'm thinking about all the things we need to have on hand once the baby arrives and getting our lives in as much order as possible in hopes that I can calm the pandemonium that we're about to experience.

I have two more weekends shooting weddings and then it's game on.  Bring on a baby.

Lakin has been a hoot lately.  Who am I kidding, this kid always has me in stitches, but lately we have been laughing non-stop at what she comes up with.  Here are some photos and stories to give you a glimpse into her funny little personality.

The other day while blow drying my hair Lakin was being awful quiet.  I felt someone at the back of my leg only to find a panty liner stuck to the back of my pants.  There was also one stuck to the bathroom cabinet and Lakin was wearing one on her shirt like a sticker.  Because I have no shame, here are some pictures.

I let her keep the "sticker" on until it was time to leave the house.  I can't wait until she's old enough to know what they are really for!

Last Wednesday Lindy and I took Lakin to story time at the library.  She was really enjoying herself until they read the book Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes.

It's a cute story with a catchy tune that is sung throughout the book.  Pretty benign and fun-loving but Lakin broke down with tears of fear when the cat would sing his song.  She was shaking and asking to leave the story room.  So story time ended a bit premature and Lakin has not stopped talking about the blue cat who scared her.  How random?  The kid's in love with monsters but a kitten with shoes on is terrifying?

By far, our favorite time of the day with Lake is bedtime.  We read books and sing songs and she's now singing along with us.  Ill try and catch some video of her singing- it's melt-your-heart-cute.  Also she has a few books memorized and can read them to us while we flip the pages.  Her favorite book right now is Olivia.  There are quite a few similarities between Lakin and Olivia.  They both avoid bedtime, they both try to negotiate more books before bed, and they both seem to enjoy trying on every item of clothing in their closets.
Soaking up as many moments as we can as a family of three and eager to add another baby to this family.  Lakin's going to be a stellar big sister!

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  1. First things first. You look adorable! Too much OG soup or no, you look great :)

    I love that you posted pictures of Lakin's new stickers. Hilarious!

    Also, I used to play Pete the Cat on my Nook for Lakin and the other kids when I subbed in childcare. Maybe she was upset because it made her miss me...or Ben....because she loved it there.