Friday, August 31, 2012

38 weeks: an update and comparison

Here's my creeper photo from this morning, just shy of 38 weeks.
And here I am at 38 weeks with Lake Monster.

Sorta similar.

I bet you guys are thinking, this chick should have the baby already because I'm sick of hearing about pregnancy and seeing sub par photos of her in the mirror.  Me too, friends, me too.

But for the 5% interested, I'll go ahead and share a little update.

How far along: 38 weeks.  2 more weeks until we hit the due date.  My intention is to have this baby before that day.  I figure I can will he or she out of my body with positive thinking and lunges.  (Just kidding mom and dad, I am resting and taking care of myself.  So don't scold me the next time we talk.)   Going over the due date must be like showing up to the airport with all your bags packed only to discover your all expense paid trip to Disney isn't until NEXT week.  This analogy falls apart in so many ways but go with me.

How big is baby:  This little one is measuring right on track and was about 6 1/2 lbs at the last OB visit.  We got an extensive look at the little tot and everything is cooking evenly.  :)

Total weight gain: Oh pregnancy weight gain, you evil, necessary, fact of life.  To be honest, I'm not sure what the total number is at this point.  I know it's very similar to my gain with numero uno.  Mayo has you measure yourself in kilograms because they're weird like that and I simply choose to not do the conversion.  Nurse always offers at each visit and I tell her it's not necessary.  It is what it is.  Pretty soon I'll be doing the most fantastic weight loss program ever... lactation.  So what's another Oreo right now?

Maternity Clothes: Yes, I own them.  No, there's not much to choose from anymore.  Yes, they all make me feel huge.  No, they rarely cover all of my body.  Yes, there is a new Forever 21 at our local mall.  Yes, I sort of throw up a little walking by.  I will do a happy dance when I can wear something other than leggings and maternity jeans- I can video the dance for you if you'd like.  Having a baby just in time for Fall sales.  How's that for perfect timing?    

Stretch Marks: Fortunately, no.  Yippee!

Sleep: Can't complain.  About one night a week I wake up and do a little Internet scouring for a few hours because I lie away thinking crazy thoughts about labor and delivery.  It's some scary stuff, people.  Otherwise, I'm soaking up the zzzzzzs.  

Movement: If this baby moves any more, it will bust out of my stomach, Alien style.  Much more movement this time around.  Not sure what that says for the future state of my home.  Two insanely active children...  

Food Cravings: Only delicious things.
What I Miss:  Bending over.  Stepping outside without breaking into a hot sweat.  Easily getting in and out of bed.  Variety in my wardrobe.

What I am Looking Forward To: Being on the other side of this.  Holding the baby and snuggling it while hospital staff bring me delicious meals.  I'm looking forward to watching Lakin become a big sister and teaching her how to love another little family member.  Loving another child in a similar and crazily unique way.  All the sweet snuggle time new babies are willing to give you.  Seeing Chris become a father to two and the joy and struggle that comes with growing a family and doing it as a team.

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