Monday, August 27, 2012

Anatomy of a Group Kid Shot

So we did a quick jaunt to St. Louis this weekend for some needed time with our beloved life friends.  There was also a Fantasy Football draft that has been tradition for years (this is Lakin's 3rd draft weekend in St. Louis).  Last year the twins were still in utero and Bonnie and Everett were living in Korea so it was a full/ mad house this year with 4 babies hanging around.  Here's our attempt at a group photo with kids.  Also missing from our photo is Mary Kate who is in Bolivia right now and our friend, Polly, and her daughter, Adelyn, who were hosting a baby shower in Columbia and couldn't make it up for the weekend.

Props to the twins for staying rock solid during all the takes.  Now that squirmy grump in my arms is another story!

Since football was the main reason for our trip we ladies took charge of the babies for the weekend and got quite the workout chasing kids around.  Saturday was locked up in about 4 hours of on and off napping and we were homebound after 6:45 for our littles to sleep.  It was quite a production keeping 4 kids alive, fed, and well-rested but totally worth it.  I miss these friends so much.

Here are a few more photos from the weekend.
 Reece Cup.
 Everett- who never stopped smiling.  Ever.
 Beautiful Bonnie and Big E

Carly and Peyton

Another highlight from this weekend was that Chris can now sing all the songs on our Veggie Tales CD.  Listened to that thing through probably 80 times between here and St. Louis.  Woke up with the song, Shake a Friend's Hand stuck in my head.  Life with children sure is different.

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  1. I remember when the parents were kids themselves. What a great group of kids and moms.