Monday, August 20, 2012

Lakin the Explorer

Casey was faithful to provide images from this weekend's camping adventure since my own husband refused to take a camera along.  Thanks, Casey.  I have loved looking at the pictures from the trip.  What a little explorer we have on our hands.

 We borrowed the backpack (made for carrying small children, mind you) from our neighbors.  Lakin hated it.  Her comment to me when she returned, "I stuck in the backpack.  I don't want to go in the bag"
 Her favorite campsite toy, thoughtfully supplied by Casey.

 She was a tremendous help at the set up and tear down of camp, as you can plainly see.
 Pretty nice set up.
 Found Dad's toothbrush.  Score!
 Chiefs and Colts coffee mug face off.

 Camping foil pouches for dinner.
 First one to rise at the campsite and wake everyone else up at 6:15am.  The shirt is ringing true, she really is the sunshine on these early mornings.
 Time out?
 Loving on Fiji and Casey.
 Tent time!
 Breakfast consisted of multiple pieces of toast and some eggs and bacon.  Hearty eater, our girl.
A watched foil packet never cooks, Lakin.  The wood surrounding the fire was Lakin's boundaries, which  she only crossed a few times, resulting in time out time on the cooler.

Camping was a success and Lakin has continued to talk about how much fun she had with Casey, Daniel, Fiji and Daddy.  She wanted to sleep in a tent again last night at bedtime.  Next time I'll have to join the camping fun when I'm not obscenely pregnant.

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