Friday, August 17, 2012


Well we've been long overdue for a little update on the blog.  The last couple of weeks have felt busy, although I work part time- how busy could they really be?

Perhaps I was feeling a little lazy?  Writer's block?  But nonetheless, I felt I owed an update to our readers and was thinking it would be good to keep on recording.  Despite the fact that I have nothing to say (never stopped me before) I do love looking back over old posts and remembering the fun times we've had as a family.

Chris' parents just came for a few days over last weekend and helped us get our house in shape.  Being homeowners is kind of the pits at times.  It's not all paint and rainbows, friends.  There's clogged garbage disposals, water damage, and wasps the size of your head that try to get us down.    

We've had a list of home projects started from the day we moved in.  Things like: replace the rotting trim around the garage and secure bookshelves to walls so babies who are adventurous can't be harmed.  There's been some cabinets in the kitchen who silently mock me as they hang catty wompus on their hinges, refusing to neatly close.  The list continued to grow and we continued to sit on it.  Enter Dennis, handy man extraordinaire.

Chris' dad spent his vacation working on our house.  He went right to work replacing trim, securing bookshelves, and laughed in the face of those crooked cabinets.  Everything on the list was completed and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all the minor projects are behind us... for now.  Dennis even tackled the giant wasps that were making a home in a crack on our driveway.  These ground wasps (which I just looked up in wikipedia so you know my info is legit) are enormous and have been seen carrying grasshoppers and other insects into their nest.

"In preparation for egg laying, they construct a protected "nest" (some species dig nests in the ground, while others use pre-existing holes) and then stock it with captured insects. Typically, the prey are left alive, but paralyzed by wasp toxins. The wasps lay their eggs in the provisioned nest. When the wasplarvae hatch, they feed on the paralyzed insects."

Um, yikes!  He sealed the nest and killed many with his bare hands the wasp spray.  Haven't seen a bird sized wasp in days.  Praise Jesus!

We opened presents for Lakin's birthday while they were here too.  Guess what, she got a few Dora related items.  Shocking, I know.
 We have Dora dining ware, I'm considering selling our plates and replacing them with the Dora collection.  What do you think?  Versatile, easy to clean, a sweet surprise discovery as you devour your mashed potatoes?
 Lakin is wearing a new dress from Gigi.  She's into dresses these days.  That and skirts.  I tried to put pants on her and she informed me that she's not a "pants girl."  Her words, not mine.
 The big hit was a Dora doll Geri found at a sale this summer.  Comes with many outfits and accessories and Lakin was bound and determined to share clothes (and shoes) with her Dora baby.
 This is the face Lakin likes to fall asleep to and wake up with.  Some might feel frightened by these big eyes but they don't seem to bother Lakin.
Gigi did a lot of reading and playing with Lakin.  I worked a wedding and Chris helped Dennis all weekend with home projects so Lakin had Gigi all to herself.  I imagine Gigi is enjoying a little peace and quiet back home now, Lakin was pretty insistent on constant play time with her Gigi.

Great weekend.  Lots of time together as a family.  A completed to do list.  Win, win, win.

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  1. How WONDERFUL that you got help with all the house projects! That must feel amazing!

    Were those giant wasps called Cicada killers? I'm guessing they are. I first came across them in college and researched them to find out what in the creepy world was outside my dorm (I have a bee/wasp phobia). They totally take cicadas and other insects and paralyze them underground. I wrote a poem about them for creative writing class in college. They are in our neighborhood here in Philly. They are HUGE and DISGUSTING! I read that they rarely sting. Only one gender can sting anyway, but they rarely do. However, they are super territorial and aggressive (empty threat I guess). They will dive bomb me on my daily walks. So scary! Glad you got rid of them!

    And re: your most current post.. obviously I'm nerdy too because I just wrote an insanely long comment on your blog about wasps :-)