Friday, August 3, 2012

Nesting: Musings of the Fat and Sober Part 2

Ironed my nursing covers.  Wiped down the washing machine.  Heaven forbid this baby come and all I have to show for it is a lint covered washing machine and wrinkled nuring covers.

Countdown is beginning.  Contractions have happened.  We have 7 weeks people!

Couldn't sleep last night so I got on and looked a baby names.  What will we call this child?  Lakin seems to think Benny is perfectly acceptable.

I am kind of sweating the whole birth ordeal too.  Knowledge is not power in the case of child number two.  Knowing what's coming might be worse than being in the dark.  Lord help us all.  Or just me, since I am the one who will be enduring the pain.  Not quite at the tipping point where  birth is a better option than remaining pregnant forever.

I also have been online shopping for cute clothes post babers.  I like to place items in my online shopping cart and then close the site before purchase.  It's sort of a sick tease, isn't it?  Want to wear some cute leggings and looking forward to fall wear, when boots are not an insane concept and I don't have to layer a maternity tank underneath to make sure I'm not half mooning my belly to the world.  Trousers that don't need a constant tug to stay up will be nice too.  Saw some mint colored skinny jeans that are calling my post partum name.

That is all.

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  1. For what it's worth, I was nervous mostly about L and D for Elsa's pregnancy. The pain, the fear of infant death, etc. it was half as uncomfortable and totally Calm and Good. It was a pleasant experience, which is something I will hope for you! And pray for you about this, too. But while you still have one kid, be frivolous with your time! Don't spend it wiping dryers. You have a few weeks to really spurge and watch a whole 2 hour movie if you want!