Sunday, August 19, 2012

On being awkward and nerdy...

Yesterday was my last wedding for a while.  I'm officially on maternity leave from shooting weddings.  It was an awesome wedding to go out on, though.  Ryan and Katrina were straight up awesome to work with.  They were beautiful and kind and so so in love with one another.  The weather was gorgeous and their bridal party was so willing and accommodating and genuinely celebrated their big day with them.  I'm pretty sure Katrina can't possibly take a bad picture, which meant we got a TON of great stuff and had a blast in the process.  Can't wait to show you some images from this wedding.  As we were saying goodbye we exchanged hugs and well wishes and then I told them, "Best of luck."  What?  Certainly not what you tell a recently married bride and groom.  Why did it come out of my mouth?  Probably because I am about 70% awkward at any given time.  Scott gave me a hard time about the comment as we were leaving and I joked, I might as well have said, "Break a leg,"  "Hope you make it."  Jeesh.  Open mouth, insert foot.  I am actually a huge nerd.

While I was working, Chris took Lakin camping with friends.  I'm anxious to see them when they return this afternoon and hear how their camping adventure was.  Chris texted me around 9:00 and said Lakin was requesting her bed.  Silly girl.  She was so excited to sleep in a tent.  Hope everyone got some good rest.

I am enjoying my solitary morning.  Actually went and got a Starbucks mocha and plan to do nothing all morning.  The first sip of a white chocolate mocha is maybe one of my favorite taste sensations ever.  I imagine it's similar to the ecstasy that a drug user gets when he take his initial hit.  Maybe a little different.

Yep, all a part of my wild and crazy life.  Happy Sunday morning to you!

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  1. "Just so you know there is someone's soda on our bill"