Sunday, September 9, 2012

39 Weeks/ That Time I Ate Too Much

 So... I'm still pregnant.  Lucky for you, Chris took a photo this time around before I headed out the door to a baby shower for a dear friend here.  A couple things to note: I'm wearing a fall sweater, which was totally appropriate for the lovely morning weather.  It's cooling off, just in time for me to deliver. Also, despite my tight lip appearance I was pretty happy in this photo.  We'd just taken a family walk, I had the luxury of showering and blow drying my hair without interruption and I was wearing leggings which make pregnancy bearable.

Yesterday was a great day.  Lakin took a massive nap after her bike ride with dad during my time at the baby shower.  Chris and I indulged in some Breaking Bad during nap time and are about 2 episodes away from the end of 4th season.  Things are getting crazy up in here.

In the evening we ventured out with friends to the Taste of Rochester and let our toddler bounce her brain out on the free inflatables.  Watching Lakin socially interact is just plain hilarious.  She's never met a little person whose not a friend and she quickly tried to strike up a conversation with anyone willing to listen.  Other little kids aren't quite sure what to think of her.  Someday she'll find another little extrovert and they'll be instant besties.

Lakin was one of the younger bouncers in the Sponge Bob Bounce House and found that she could hide at the top of the inflatable slide to avoid having to vacate the bounce house when time was up and kids were switched out.  Oh, you crafty little girl.

After the bouncing we'd worked up an appetite.  Our table of 5 ordered the All American platter at Famous Dave's.  It's a BBQ smorgasbord served on a trash can lid.  It was also my failed attempt to put myself into labor.
The feast before..
And our final damage.  It was some serious food.  Lakin really pulled her weight when it came to helping thrown down the feast.  She makes us so proud.

I guess this kid's going to take it's sweet time coming.  No amount of habanero BBQ sauce will coax this one into the world until he/she is ready.  Fair enough, baby, fair enough.  Just know, I'm ready whenever you are (but preferably sooner rather than later, little one).


  1. Oh boy, BBQ! Thats my girl. I didn't know you had a Famous Daves in Rochester? May have to check it out with Lakin. I love you.


  2. We LOVE Famous Daves! Found it out here in Philly. I actually have a gift card to there in my purse right now and I told Matt it's like carrying around gold.
    Also you look great and I'll be praying for your little one's arrival and that you have peace during labor/delivery. Can't wait to read all the details!!