Monday, September 17, 2012

40 weeks

Today marks 40 weeks.   I'm so glad Ben decided to come early. We've enjoyed our extra week of snuggles.  
 My parents head home tomorrow morning.  My mom was the world's best distraction for Lakin.  I think she's ready for a little peace and quiet as she heads home.  Although, I know she'll miss wearing multiple necklaces, watching Wonder Pets and reading the same books over and over and over.
My dad changed out the elastics on our cloth diapers.  Which proved to be quite the task.  Have no fear, the man is an engineer.  With a little scotch tape and a dowel rod he was able to remove the old elastic and replace it with a fresh set.  Now baby Bennett can have a fresh Fuzzibunz experience.
This is how he felt after spending two days on the task.
Ben's bottom is too small for these cloth diapers now, but someday real soon we'll be busting them out and laughing all the way to the bank.  I was just saying the other day how I miss laundering dirty cloth diapers.
With the camera out a little more than usual, Lakin has been asking for pictures.  This is a total 180 degrees from the girl who whined when I pointed the camera in her direction pre-Ben.  She loves to check out the image immediately after the picture is snapped.  Can't tell you how many photos I've got of her approaching the camera because she was so eager to see the picture that she couldn't hold still long enough for the shutter to click.
She's modeling the double necklace fashion that is all the rage in our household.
Lakin loving on her dad and baby Bennett.  Yes, that is a hand towel being used as a swaddle blanket.

Bennett looks cute in all his outfits but this one was a dinosaur.  I mean I had to snap a photo.  Just chilling in his crib- literally.

Ben's first bath proved to be an event for the whole family.  Lakin was up on the folding chair with the running commentary...He's wiggling.  Is he wiggling?  That's water.  Put some water on him momma.  Splash, splash Bennett.  Where's the momma whale? ....  When bath was over Chris was drying Ben off and the most outstanding arch of pee sprung forth from his body with a perfect curve landing right in front of Lakin' face.  No one was peed on but we all had a good laugh and Lakin was even a little startled by her brother's amazing feat.  Oh, boys.  They are crafty, aren't they?


  1. Your mom and I are so proud of your whole family. Lakin is so beautiful and loving. She so full of energy like her mother. Bennett is a hansom little guy. I can see a calm and very intellectual personality like his dad. He will be loved by everyone. Sara I'm so proud and happy for your family. Your Mom and I enjoyed spending a week with you all.

    Grandpa Lakin

  2. Great first week stories! Can't wait to hear more!

    What lens are you using on Lakin in these pictures? LOVE the effect! Are you just using a standard 18-55 with a low aperture or something more like a fixed 50mm? I'm so envious of your skills!

    1. Kristy, Thanks for the comment and thanks for still reading! I have a fixed 50mm lens. I love it but sometimes wish I had some more range. Still definitely learning with this camera. :)