Monday, September 10, 2012

Great Reads for Kids

Lakin's a book junkie and we love going to the library to stock up on new reads.  Since I was a reading teacher in my previous life, I thought it worthwhile to share a few of our favorite gems.

First, we are BIG fans of the Olivia books.  Ian Falconer has created such a strong and lovable female character in Olivia.  Lakin reminds me so much of this spunky, independent pig.

Olivia and the Fairy Princesses is about Olivia's attempt to stand out from all her lovely lady friends and desire to be something more than just a princess.  It will give parents a good chuckle too.  This is my favorite page.

The next book we're digging right now is Larf by Ashley Spires. A story about a Sasquatch and his pet bunny, Eric.
When Larf catches word that there's another Sasquatch making an appearance in a nearby town, he takes a trip to check it out.  Another book with some humor for mom and dad as well as your kid.

Both books are definitely worth checking out from your local library.

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