Friday, September 21, 2012

High Five For Friday!

It's Friday, friends!  The weekend is here.  The in laws are in town, and I haven't cooked in days.  Holla!  Yesterday I took a two hour nap and sat and read a magazine cover to cover without interruption.  I'm going to cry when all my wonderful company goes home.

This is my blogging buddy for the morning.

I read him my draft and he makes editing suggestions in the form of dinosaur noises and toots.

My top 5 moments from the last week, in no particular order...

1. These two.
Lakin is now pretty cool with this Bennett character coming into her house.  She's trying to figure out just what he does besides eat and sleep and she's eager to play with him.  When he's in the swing she tries to give him toys.  It's not uncommon to find Bennett in the swing accompanied by Little People, Koosh balls, and with a few stickers covering his sleeper.  Every time he's on his play mat she wants to be right there with him.  It's a bit sensory overload for little man but so sweet for this mom to see the beginnings of a sibling friendship.  Praise the Lord!  I love that she's really in love with her brother and concerned for him all day long.  She's liking being a "little mommy."

2. Lakin's transition into "Big Sister"

My Aunt Cindy, my dad's oldest sister, sent a little package for the kids.  Bennett received a sweet stuffed monkey and Lakin, this cute purse.  Along with the purse was a one dollar bill and this note:

Dear Lakin: I am sending you a small token to acknowledge your promotion from First Daughter to Most Senior Sibling.  This carries more responsibility so I sent you a little walking around money for incidentals.  I am aware of your situation.  I too am a first daughter- if at first you find your underling distasteful remember they get better.  Try to enjoy him- and be grateful that your parents gave you a brother- he probably won't ask to borrow your clothes.  I love you very, very much.  -Aunt Cindy and Uncle Michael

Lakin and her purse have been a hit.  Thanks, Cindy!

3. Bennett began his modeling career.
Monday was Ben's newborn session with Midwest LifeShots Photography.  He slept like a champ and I'm so excited to see what we got.  Kadi and Jen are amazing- I am always in awe of their mad skills with babies when I sit in on a newborn session.  These photos were stolen from Kadi's tumblr.

4. I am not wearing a single maternity item today.  Hello old clothes, I've missed you.  I can't wait to do a little wardrobe revamping and just in time for all the cozy Fall fashions.  Being pregnant is  great, but after ten months of pregnancy, being not pregnant is AMAZING.

5. We've had tons of visitors and lots of love from our friends this week and last.
 I love this picture of Ben and my mom.  This was taken right before they headed back home.  He was giving his grandma some extra loving.
Cathy came over to play Tuesday and Lakin was delighted for some time with her Cathy.  We've had visitors almost every day and cards and gifts coming through the mail.  Man, we feel loved and blessed by this wonderful community here in Rochester and beyond.


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