Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kansas City- A Quick But Wonderful Trip

Chris was working and studying this weekend so I took Ben and Lakin to Kansas City to see some friends and spend some time at my parent's house.  They were wonderful travel partners and I'm so glad I was able to make the drive and be with our dear friends.
 Bennett has been more alert this last week and enjoys spending time on his play mat and on the floor looking around.  He was enjoying the morning sun on his new quilt my mom whipped together.

 We put a photo out for him to admire.  He inched his way over to the frame.  He loves his mommy and daddy.
 Lakin practiced her flower girl walk with my mom's flowers.  She starts out slow and then takes off.  There is also a little dance that happens at the end of her imaginary aisle.  Should be quite the show come December- get ready Dave and Jess!
 My dad read his fair share of books with Lakin.  Their favorite read from the weekend was "Are You my Muda (Mother)" read with a New York accent and some ad libbing from my father.
 Mom with the amazing quilt she made for Ben.
 And here is the back of it.

Saturday my best friends from college met up to welcome home our friend, Mary Kate, who has been in Bolivia for the last six months.  It was so good to be together.  There are five of us and six kids.  It was the first time all our kids were able to play together which was pretty hectic but also quite special.
 Here is Peyton (12months) posing for my camera.
 Adelyn (15 months) looking quite adorable.
 Adelyn proving that I am the LAST person in the world without an iPhone.
 Mary Kate loving on baby Bennett (2 weeks).
 Bonnie and Everett (14 months) snacking.
 Miss Lakin (26 months) with the sassy hands on hips.

And of course, we needed to take a group shot of the kids.  There were several takes.
 Adelyn, Lakin, Reece, Peyton, and Everett.  Not pictured: Bennett - he was snuggled up with MK at the moment.

 My mom also made the kids' Halloween costumes.  Lakin decided she would be a pink owl and that her brother would be a green owl.

 Ben was delighted to wear his costume...

My mom is amazing.  Seriously.

Such a good weekend.


  1. oh my where to start! Your mom is beyond amazing!! Your kiddos are going to be the most wonderful owls EVER!! Great job Gramma!!!! You all have the most beautiful children ever. I can't imagine how much fun it must be with all of them in the same spot. And what I would give to hear your dad read Are you my mudder!!! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

  2. Great pictures! You mom is a very talented sewer!

  3. I love pictures of babies all lined up in a row! Barb did an amazing job on the costumes. Thanks for posting pictures.