Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lake and Her Dad

Lakin is into doing things with her dad.  They have recently take up baking cookies together.  Chocolate chip cookies are sort of Chris' specialty.  He's passing on the legacy to his daughter and let me tell you, the last couple batches have definitely shown great promise.  Lakin now knows all the steps to making a great cookie.  

Last night, after her bath, before dressing, a naked Lakin ran into the kitchen fearful she was missing a cookie making opportunity.  She grabbed the measuring cups from the dishwasher Chris was currently unloading and began to scoop the air.  "First you measure the flour.  And the next step, daddy?... You pour it.  Right!  You pour it in."  It's a daily request to help dad make cookies.

Thursday evening Lakin and Chris went on a daddy daughter date, complete with homemade guacamole dinner and a visit to Cherry Berry for some frozen yogurt.  Lakin can pound some guacamole when given the chance.  She often uses the chip as a spoon, licking dips off until the chip becomes so soggy it caves under the weight of whatever dip she's indulging in.  (Note: it is for this reason you should share dipping bowls with Lakin at your own risk.)

When the two returned home from ice cream Lakin was quick to tattle on her dad.  "Daddy made a mess, Mommy."  Apparently Lakin had spilled some ice cream on the ground at Cherry Berry and blamed the whole thing on her dad.  She's still talking about the mess Chris made, days later. What a stinker!

If Chris is mowing, Lakin wants to use her mower.  If he's painting or sanding or wielding a dangerous knife, Lakin would like to be right under his feet doing the same thing.  She sat at the sliding door today for fifteen minutes and watched her dad stain the deck, begging to go out and help.  Chris is so patient with her even when his little helper creates more of a mess.  Sometimes she just doesn't understand why she can't do all the stuff her daddy does.

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  1. Lakin is lucky to have such a great dad! I have been thinking about you lately. I hope these last couple of weeks go by fast. I can't wait for the newest member of the Jaeger family to arrive!