Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Fab Four

Well we've been a family of four for five days now.  My parents drove up from Kansas City on Bennett's birthday and have been here helping out.  It's been nice to have some extra hands to keep Lakin busy and make sure we're eating meals.  Chris' parents will be on their way into town next week timing it so that we have the maximum amount of help for the maximum amount of time.  We're so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends who take care of us.

Now for a little update on our little people.

Bennett is so easy.  I remember when we had Lakin I felt so stressed and strained and worried and incompetent.  I had no idea what I was doing and everything felt awkward.  I thought having a newborn was such a challenge.  Now, with a toddler in tow, I look at Ben and think, man- this is the easiest it's going to get.  He's sleeping well.  Eating well.  Waking like he should in the middle of the night and then going back to bed.  He's pretty patient with the big sister who is in his face several times a day.  He looks like Chris in so many ways.  I think he's going to have his daddy's temperament too.  Praise God.  If we had another firecracker personality like his sister we'd have our hands full.  I say that knowing Lakin gets her personality and temperament from yours truly.  When I am frustrated with Lakin, I often have only myself and my genes to blame.

Lakin, on the other hand has been a bit of a challenge (The above photo says it all, doesn't it?).  When she met Bennett in the hospital she gave him a kiss (per our prompt and request) and then lightly shoved him back into my arms.  She's slowly warming up to her brother by acknowledging he exists and even offering a few unprompted pats of love and kisses.  Today she wanted to be my helper and I think she started to take ownership of being a big sister.  We've had a couple of long and hard days of tantrums and whining but I think we're starting to turn a corner.  I have had my patience tested and been reminded of how truly sinful I am when I would snap or react to her defiance or fits of rage.  God is teaching me how to offer grace and reminding me that this is a big transition for our daughter and she needs to know now, more than ever, how secure she can feel in our love rather than how irritated we are that she's chosen to disobey us.  Lots of learning going on in our house right now- for momma and Lakin.
Lakin's baby takes a ride in the swing.  Aside from dragging the baby by the foot, she's been  a really sweet momma to her doll, imitating lots of things Chris and I do for Bennett.
 Checking out her brother with dad.
 Lakin offers a hug to Bennett.  He's thrilled.
After a timeout in her room there was silence.  I opened the door to find her totally wiped out from all that carrying on.

Overall, we are doing great and just so thankful to have these two wonderful blessings in our lives.


  1. Oh, that picture of Lakin kneeling with her baby doll looks so pathetic, like she has just been dejected. It will all be better soon. Chris used to yank the pacifier out of David's mouth just to get even. She will find a way, have no doubt. Love to all.

  2. That picture of Lakin and her sassy face is priceless. And she looks so grown up! SO happy for your family. I'm glad you have some help right now. glad you are feeling peaceful and that Ben is treating you well :-)

  3. love the sassy face lakin is putting on! Also you two are great parents. I can't wait to see over the years how your family grows and becomes stronger :)

  4. Hang in there, girl. It gets better and better every day. My Ben still has his moments when he's not thrilled with Ellie, but for the most part he's adjusted. I think it helped that we stopped making a big deal about her. We just carried on with life as usual instead of making a fuss over him having a baby sister and that helped a bunch. Also it's great to have grandmas and grandpas come to help, especially with the older one, but I found that once our company left (who were amazing) we were able to settle into a bit of a routine and Ben's been doing even better. I'm not saying he's in love with Ellie like we are, but he offers her sips from his cup and tells her night-night and helps with her bath. It's all good. Your Ben looks like a sweet little baby. I can tell from his pictures :)