Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Lake told me she was headed to work.  I found her here.  Just like mommy.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Operation Keep Lakin Busy Take #2

As mentioned before, my kid likes to make things.  She's a busy one and if I don't provide some structure, the busy quickly finds its way unmaking all the beds, dive bombing off the couch or pulling all the winter wear out of the coat closet.

One particularly cooped up afternoon we made a fall tree with fingerprint leaves.

Talk about some serious refrigerator art!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Taking Care of Brother

"Mommy, I gave Bennett his toys to play with.  Look at him playing, Mommy!"

This is why we're married...

We both love looking like total weirdos.

Is that not the dopest bolo you've ever seen?  Can you believe someone was giving away this sequined gem?  Is it really Halloween if someone's not sporting the mullet wig?  I think not.

And now I leave you with some poorly lit photos from our evening at the Linder's annual Halloween party.  I love my little owl babies.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Smile Pants

Gosh, I love these kids.  Ben is smiling.  It melts my heart.  Lakin makes me laugh non-stop.  The other day I heard her from upstairs talking to her other princess shoe, "There you are!  Mommy put you away, but I found you."  Lately she's been wanting to read magazines.  She will sit and look at the pictures and ask questions.  We were looking at my Glamour magazine and she would point out a pair of high heels or lipstick and say, "Maybe I wear that?"  We've read the most recent Newsweek about ten times in the last two days.  Kid's got quite the spectrum of reading materials.

She practically lives in her Tinkerbell dress.  I told her she was a silly goose and she looked at me matter of fact and said, "No, mommy, I am a princess."  BTW we have not pushed the princess issue, she picked that up all on her own.  She's becoming quite the girly girl.

Ben is squawking and cooing a bit.  He loves tummy time and prefers to snuggle up while laying on his tummy.  He's reaching for things on his play mat and really studies the moving animals on his swing.  He is still very laid back but is starting to find his voice.  He adores my singing.  But then again, who doesn't?  Lakin, that's who.  She tells me to stop singing when I start up in the car.  Ouch!

Seriously, I could eat these kids up.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Beauty

This weekend brought such gorgeous weather.  In case you're curious, Lakin picked out the outfit and yes, those are the boots that were peed on about fifteen minutes after I put my camera away.  The bright  pink mark on her face?  From a fall when she had a stick of chalk in her hand and smeared the thing all over.

Monday, October 22, 2012

big celebrations

Pinch me.  I think my child is on her way to "potty-trained."  

If you're a long time follower of the blog you know we dabbled a bit in the training business earlier this year and had little to no luck.  I resolved that the next time we tried would be the last.  Come hell or high water, my daughter was going to use the toilet if it killed me.  

After our recent Chicago trip, I felt we'd be home for a significant enough time to tackle the dreaded task of teaching Lakin to use a toilet.  Sunday we put her in underwear, said a prayer and hoped for the best.  Um... 7 accidents later we were again feeling like failures and wondering how in the world we were going to teach our child to go to bathroom somewhere other than her pants.  That first day back in the saddle resulted in zero potty production in the the toilet.  Nada.  

Monday I was met with mastitis and it was all I could do to make Lakin a PB&J sandwich for lunch let alone take her to the restroom and convince her to potty every thirty minutes.  So, mastitis stood in our way and delayed training for a few days.

Wednesday, feeling like my old self again, I put her in underwear and again said a little prayer.  I doped her up with watered down juice and asked with persistence and consistency if she wanted to use the potty.   Upon coming upstairs from a solid night of rest, she agreed to humor me and sit on the little potty- which I'd moved into the living room so she could still feel a part of the action.  Ten minutes of sitting produced a tiny sprinkle and we celebrated big.  Lakin, obviously delighted by such attention for something so simple and bodily, sat back down, looked me in the eyes and let her bladder go- filling that little red potty with determination (and urine).  Now we really had something to celebrate.  

The rest of the day we had only one accident and tons of success.  Lakin was sucking down juice and water in an effort to show me she could use that potty.  She was pottying like a boss.  

Thursday was more of the same.  We were consistently using the potty and Lakin would even initiate when we would take time out for pottying.  We didn't leave the house at all those two days and I was by Lakin's side all day playing and reading and doing what she wanted to do.  I now know the entire Yo Gabba Gabba Halloween episode by heart thankyouverymuch.  All the time and energy paid off because Friday she continued to use the potty and even did so when at a friend's house.  Boom! 

Since then we're still reminding and running to the restroom a lot.  She can pretty much get right down to business rather than having to sit for a while or needing entertainment while she waits for her body to relax and do it's thing.  She loves the flushing a little too much and I wished she loved the hand washing a little more.  Sunday we were playing in the leaves and she obviously forgot that she was not in a diaper.  She stood frozen in the front year peeing her pants and all over her purple boots.  RIP adorable purple boots.  It was a reminder to me that we're not out of the woods yet.  She is still very much in training.  

Raising kids is messy business.  Quite literally.  I think I've seen as much, if not more, urine in the last week than my urologist husband and that's saying something.  

ridiculously adorable

He's pretty dang perfect.

Here are some photos from his newborn session with Midwest LifeShots.  What a talented team!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Operation: Keep Lakin Busy

I know I've mentioned that our house struggles most from the hours of five and six in the evening.  It's not uncommon for all things to come unglued during this hour.  Today I was on the phone and out of the corner of my eye saw my toddler run stark naked through the living room and into the kitchen followed by a loud clanging and an, "oops!"

So I am making an effort to have a plan of attack each day after nap, especially as the weather gets cold and we're stuck inside.  Mostly so Lakin and I don't both go crazy.

Yesterday our activity was painting the pumpkins we brought home from the patch weeks ago.

When Lakin woke up and came upstairs with me her eyes lit up with excitement when she saw the pumpkins waiting on the table and paint available for her to use.  She begs to paint everyday.  She turned to me and squealed, "Mommy, are we doing a project?"  I had to laugh.  Where does she learn these things?

Here's our step by step tutorial for pumpkin painting.  It's very complex so feel free to reread for clarity.

It entertained our tot for an hour.  Only Dora has been able to keep her attention that long!