Thursday, October 4, 2012

Man Sized Farts

How's that for a blog title?  No shame.  No shame at all.

Bennett is just about the gassiest little baby I have ever met.  As I type this he's laying at my side cutting the cheese.  These farts can easily be heard in another room.  Oh my word.

How can something so big come out of someone so small?

Some people want to know what life is like as a momma of two.  So far, not too different.  Ben is still in that sleepy newborn stage where he's content to lay around and stare at nothing in the distance until he finally falls asleep.

The five o'clock hour is the only time when things feel super hairy.  People call this the witching hour and for good reason.  Kids go berserk.  They can sense the day coming to an end and the need to make a meal and pick up the house before dad makes it home.  Lakin is a wild woman between the hours of 5-6pm (who am I kidding, she's always a wild woman...)  and can often be found spilling her cup of water, taking pots and pans out of the cabinets, pulling books off the shelf in Bennett's room, turning on the bathtub while sitting fully clothed in it, slamming the toilet lid, carrying shoes to nondescript places of the house, and begging for Backyardigans every two minutes.  It's all a little over stimulating for this momma.  Lots of scolding, lots of cleaning, lots of chasing.  Ben would prefer to be held during this hour.  No swing, play mat, crib, or swaddle can satisfy his need for human touch.  It's actually the only time during the day where he is needy at all.  Otherwise he might go down as the world's most content baby.  So when dad comes though the door at 6:30 we are all rejoicing and tend to descend on him like a predator to prey.  Poor guy barely changes clothes before the entire family is in the bedroom sitting on the bed, vying for his attention.

I figure this crazy hour is pretty normal.

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  1. How funny! Ellie is the same way with her flatulence. She looks all sweet and dainty, and then she lets it rip. And we're with you....everybody loves the moment daddy walks in the door. Even the dog.