Friday, October 19, 2012

Operation: Keep Lakin Busy

I know I've mentioned that our house struggles most from the hours of five and six in the evening.  It's not uncommon for all things to come unglued during this hour.  Today I was on the phone and out of the corner of my eye saw my toddler run stark naked through the living room and into the kitchen followed by a loud clanging and an, "oops!"

So I am making an effort to have a plan of attack each day after nap, especially as the weather gets cold and we're stuck inside.  Mostly so Lakin and I don't both go crazy.

Yesterday our activity was painting the pumpkins we brought home from the patch weeks ago.

When Lakin woke up and came upstairs with me her eyes lit up with excitement when she saw the pumpkins waiting on the table and paint available for her to use.  She begs to paint everyday.  She turned to me and squealed, "Mommy, are we doing a project?"  I had to laugh.  Where does she learn these things?

Here's our step by step tutorial for pumpkin painting.  It's very complex so feel free to reread for clarity.

It entertained our tot for an hour.  Only Dora has been able to keep her attention that long!


  1. Great idea, Sara! I'm definitely going to use this down the road.

  2. Lakin, great job on your project! I think you need your own pinterest board.

  3. cute idea! I'm thinking that post-naptime hours are going to be a challenge for us too :)