Monday, November 19, 2012

Just Because You're Preggie Doesn't Mean You Can't Have Fun Alternately Titled: Getting Jiggy With It Pregnancy Style

While I am no longer pregnant, many of my Rochester friends currently are.  It is CRAZY.  We held a special shower for my girl, Sara (long time reader of this here blog), and it was our "coming out" shower.  See, up until this point, shower throwing responsibilities landed on our older Uro department ladies. So it being our first shower to host, we wanted to enter the party throwing ring with a bang.

Lindy and Libby were my co-hosts and fellow brains behind this party theme.  It really centered around the mocktails served in fancy glasses dreamed up by the beverage master herself, Lindy.  We were sipping mocktails with sophistication and throwing around labor advice like bosses.  So, yeah, I'd say it was a success.

The sweet momma-to-be of honor, Sara.
Casey with the Cosmos.
 Kamber and sweet McKinley.
 We can't wait to find out what Sara and Marce are having.  The nerve of these parents who make us wait until the birth!

 Mix master, Lindy, at work making a blue raspberry lemonade.

 Fancy pants.
 Yeah, it's a penguin.  #awesomesauce.
 Spa water, Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Cosmopolitan Charade.  Check out those drink garnishes.  We don't mess around.

 Glitter nails say, "Let's party."

 tiny baby bump and a mocktail

 baby chillaxing.
 It's a Moby wrap!
 Say what?
 Catherine and Sophia enjoying some popcorn and quality company.
 No they didn't just put a mustache on a pacifier.  Boom!
Sophia's hair was the envy of the party.  What does that girl do to get volume like that?  Do tell.

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