Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Halloween

So there are about a million photos from Halloween trapped on my camera.  I pleaded with dear camera to please quit holding them hostage but it looks like I'm going to need to do a little Google investigation to get them off the camera and onto the blog.  Here's what I was able to salvage so far.  I know you all like up to date deets on our everyday goings to we'll post now and hopefully add more later.  You know, if I had an iPhone I could live Tweet and Instagram my Halloween.  Yep.  No waiting at all.  BUT, I digress.

Any who, Halloween was so fun this year.  Lakin was excited for weeks before the big day and I can already tell the Christmas season is going to be so full of magic and anticipation this year as she is starting to grasp major holidays and look forward to events on a calendar.

Halloween began like any good story does... at Chipotle.  If you dressed up this year, you received a $2 boorito.  That was plenty motivation for me to take two kids and wait in a line out the door for some Chipotle grub.  Our neighbors came with and we made a date of it.  The girls were actually really well behaved waiting in the line and we were able to get in and out in a reasonable amount of time.

After dinner we headed home for the main event.  Night fell, we got our candy game face on and the kids took the streets by storm.  Well, actually, it was a lot of "This way."  "No, we already went to that house."  "Watch your step."  "What do you say?"  "That's what happens when we run with our candy bucket..." and you get the idea.  They had so much fun and after an hour and a half in the cold we made it up and down two cul-de-sacs and were ready to call it an evening.

When we got home Lakin picked two piece of candy.  One pink Tootsie Roll for OBVIOUS reasons and a Hersey's bar.  She sat at her little table and it was the most quiet our house has been for a ten minute period since we brought her home from the hospital.  She ate those two pieces of candy with such care and attention, taking small bites and savoring each piece.

Bennett wore his adorable owl costume.  It never saw the light of day though because little man peacefully slept the night away in the stroller, waking only for a little milk before bedtime.

Good time.  Had by all.  Lakin wants to trick-or-treat everyday.  These pumpkins still remaining are really throwing her off.  As we drive around town she shouts, "Mommy, it's Halloween!" and points out all the pumpkins.  Next year, baby girl, next year.

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  1. And just what happened to the rest of the candy, Sara? Cute pics. Next year pile the kids in the wagon, cover more territory faster, and you -- I mean Lakin -- will get more candy.