Monday, November 12, 2012

Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster

Oh, where do I start?  These last couple of weeks have been a bit trying with Lakin.  We experience a tidal wave of emotion several times throughout our day.  I can't keep up.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm living with Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde but no, just a two-year-old.

Raising toddlers is tough.  I try to be understanding but firm.  I want to offer empathy but really am just annoyed that the fact socks are being required is enough to cause my girl to lay down on the floor in protest.

I'm hoping to ride out this phase of development soon.  Until then, I've begun reading Parenting the Strong Willed Child.  Oh, yes, and praying.  Non stop.

So even when I spent all of nap time dying rice so she could have some fun sensory play only to have her eat a handful, smear the dye from her mouth and hands on my walls and throw a cup of colored rice into the air sending it flying to all corners of the kitchen I remember moments like these that make it all worth while.

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