Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bennett: 3 Months

How did this happen?

No longer a newborn, now a wiggly, smiley baby.

This little boy has captured our hearts with his sweet temperament.

Now in the 79th percentile for weight, Ben is a whopping 13 pounds.  He's quickly losing his neck and filling out, reminding us of his sister who was also know for her chub and rolls.

I packed away his 0-3 clothes already and we're back to cloth diapers.  Man, do I love me some disposables though.    

Bennett gets giddy every time we change his diaper and is often content to wake up slowly in his crib and make little dinosaur noises throughout the early morning before he's ready for the day.

He's kindly allowing us a full night's rest and has been for a few weeks now.  Did I mention, he's totally awesome?

Happy 3 months Mister Mister.

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  1. Have I mentioned before that you and Chris make some pretty awesomely beautiful kiddos!!! Time is marching on too fast though..I can't believe little man is 3 mths old. Ah well I'm just gonna soak up every snuggle I can :)