Thursday, December 20, 2012

David and Jessica: MARRIED

Last week we headed to Seattle to attend Chris' brother, David's, wedding.  Dave and Jess are completely perfect for each other.  They both love tater tots, camping and Jesus.  Match made in Heaven.  For real.  We met Jessica the first time we went to Seattle.  She slept in our tent with our then 8 month old baby, ate truck food with abandon and was on board with our multiple trips to the Golden Arches.  I don't want to say I called it, but I kind of did.  While they were just friends at the time, I knew it was only a matter of time.

So I now have a SISTER.  I begged my parents for one of those every Christmas and it only took 28 years to make it happen.  Couldn't have picked a more wonderful woman to call family.  It was a delight to meet Jess' friends from childhood, college, and Seattle and learn more about this amazing woman that captured David's heart.  I am already itching to get back to Seattle to spend more time with the happy couple.

I'm not going to say traveling with the two littles was easy.  Let's just say when I finally sat in my seat on our flight out I was sweating through my fleece.  We purposefully selected seats at the back of the plane and were able to carry on all our luggage for the weekend but I'm not going to lie, as we walked past each row of passengers they had an equal look of pity and relief as we continued down the aisle.  Can't blame them.  I had a baby strapped to my chest in tears and a toddler trying to climb into several passengers' laps.  We looked ridiculous I'm sure.  Oh, and security was downright comical.  I had a separate tub for my breast milk which had to be taken and tested and we took about five minutes to tear down the stroller and car seat and get all our items on the conveyor belt.  SO MUCH STUFF.

All was worth it to be there to celebrate Dave and Jess.  Now let's begin the photo dump.

 Wedding Rehearsal- Ben honors his uncle's love of the Chiefs and his mother's love of overalls.
 Just rehearsing for the big day.  How big of a Diva does Bugs look like?  Gold boots with fur... check.
 Almost married!
 The rehearsal dinner was at this fantastic restaurant downtown, Local 360.  So yummy and perfect ambiance for a great evening toasting the soon-to-be-wed.

 Um yes, he is wearing a sweater vest.  I know, right?
 Despite being WAY past her bedtime, Lakin rallied and hung in there to bitter end.  I was so proud of how well-behaved she was at the dinner.  My PBS Kids app might have a little to do with that... but.

 Gigi brought along holiday stickers and Lakin was sweet enough to pass them out to all the guests.  Gotta love the power of stickers.

 Where does one find a phone case of that caliber???

 The Den man gave a moving toast to the couple.

 Geri passes along the Jaeger family garter.  I wore that in my wedding.

 Geri and Jess' mom, Brenda
 Aaaand there it is, the famous David Jaeger smile.

 Killing time before heading to the wedding.  Girl has figured out how to work the iPhone independently.

Thank you, Dora, for helping me keep Lakin content and awake during the late night wedding.

I apologize for the lack of photos from the wedding.  Since Chris was the best man and busy taking care of the bride and groom I was corralling Lakin and consoling Ben who had a major meltdown right after Jess came down the aisle.  Thankfully he calmed down soon enough to come back for the final vows and ring exchange.  So I had a baby in the Bjorn and one running back and forth from the dance floor and the snack bar.  Speaking of dance floor, Lakin tore. it. up.

As for her walk down the aisle, she did me proud.  The Dora fruit snacks promised to her also deserve a shout out.  Just the right amount of cuteness and comedic relief.

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  1. I'm loving that picture of Lakin lookin like a diva!