Sunday, December 2, 2012

Life Through the iPhone

As you know, my life completely changed last weekend when I entered the twenty-first century and got a smart phone.  Since then I have been snapping photos left and right along with some sub par videos to please the grandparents.  I adore how easy it is to send them videos and pictures of the kids as well as tell you all about what I've been up to with current pics from my phone.  So here's a glimpse of life through the iPhone-week 1.  I took 94 photos people.  Ninety.  Four.

1. pre hockey penguin sweater love 2. bink on a leash 3. expressive, these kids! 4. naps, does the body and spirit good 5. Violet and Lakin: a love affair  6. sis lurking 7. happy boy 8. narcissism 9. date night at the chain restaurant and it was delicious- don't you dare judge

1. obligatory Christmas tree pic 2. amazing one year session for baby Jack that I got to get a sneak peek at 3. baby boy loves a diaper change 4. going to see Santa, pants optional 5. momma love 6. winter carnival with buddies 7. learning how to operate a surgical robot with dad 8. Emmy is my idol 9. no idea

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