Friday, December 21, 2012

Photography Friday: Grant & Roxanne

I remember Grant and Roxanne's wedding because it was blazing hot.  This was the wedding where I made the mistake of wearing a belt atop my growing baby belly and achieved a nice ring of sweat around my midsection.  My sunscreen was melting off before it even had a chance to absorb into my skin.  So I learned to suck it up in extreme heat, sit far away from guests at the reception in order to keep my BO to myself, and suck down Gatorade every spare minute I had.  I don't know if I've ever smelled as bad as I did at the end of this wedding.... but I digress.

Grant and Roxanne were married at her childhood church.  They has an enormous bridal party complete with adult flower girls, junior flower girls, bridesmaids, and a junior bridesmaid.  Man, have weddings changed in the five years since I was married.  There's now personal attendants, host and hostess, adult flower girls...

Due to the heat of the day and the size of the bridal party we had our work cut out for us but the crew was lively, good spirited and willing to do anything.  ANYTHING.   

Oh, and Roxanne's reception was easily one of the nicest, most stylized ones I've ever been to.  She had black and white damask table runners, chair covers with contrasting bows, pink table linens and the most elaborate centerpieces.  It truly was a gorgeous reception site.  

There were passed hors d'oeuvre that put most wedding fare to shame.  Tiny shrimp cocktails in martini glasses, chicken skewers with a peanut sauce, toasted ravioli, bruschetta... I showed those hors d'oeuvre who was boss.  

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