Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why is Santa so dang scary?

So I posted this image on Facebook to pronounce to the world that we were off to see Santa last weekend, oh, and that I don't require my kids to wear pants.

Despite Ben's Risky Business attire we made our way to a winter carnival AND to see Santa downtown.  Both offering opportunities for my children to sit on a strange man's lap for the sake of tradition and an excellent photo.  Win win.

Lakin doesn't totally understand the Santa thing and to be honest we don't really push it.  As I type that I realize the irony of her outfit in the above picture.  :)  She recognizes Santa in images and books but I don't think she knows he comes to the homes of children to bring them toys.  Apparently we've been slacking in our reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas."  She's also at an age where anything you suggests (with the exception of eating broccoli, pooping on the potty and taking a nap) she eagerly agrees to like the kid who raises his hand to volunteer before the teacher's even explained what for.  So we talked up this seeing Santa business and she was all smiles before actually encountering the large man in the red suit.

We attended the Mayo Family winter carnival in the morning which was a nice break from hanging out in the house and offered us an opportunity to fill our bellies with unneeded sugar and collect tons of tiny choking hazards for the sake of carnival like fun.  Lakin played the games, bounced in the bounce house (always a win, right?) and make a sticker collage that would put most other two-year-olds to shame.  Girl can put some stickers on a page!

We did not, however, get a photo with Santa.  When we caught a glimpse of Santa we were immediately fearful and I figured this was a battle that was not worth it.  Is it really so bad that my kid is not interested in sitting and chatting it up with a strange man in costume?

 Lake wows the crowd with her ability to hit a ball with a stick one handed while holding a goodie bag.
 Just showing a little midriff and playing a little bean bag toss, no biggie.  Love Annie's expression here.

 The hot item of the day: a polar bear thumb puppet.  But, of course.
Lakin was more interested in her neighbor's craft than her own.  Hmmm...

We snagged some Chipotle lunch and then headed to our second seasonal activity of the day.  Santa was making an appearance downtown and then there would be some festivities to kick off the Christmas season.  We met up with our friends, the Elders, to explore the downtown scene.

 Chipotle concentration.  We adore the kid's meals at Chipotle.  Lakin can tear one up!
 Bennett sits in the car seat and looks cute.  Someday, my little buddy, you too can experience the delight that is Chipotle.
 Here's Violet's seat.  Seats were limited and Lakin's hands were grubby.  Dad improvised.  #worldsgreatestdad
 Lakin and Emily in front of the Rochester downtown tree.  I love Emmy' disinterest and Lakin's obsessive interest in this picture.  Pretty accurate reflection of their friendship.  :)
 Silly Santa stuck on the rooftop and the fire department rescuing him.  You know, someday we'll have to answer the question of why Santa can fly all over and get up and down on everyone else's roof but in this particular instance he has to be brought down by the fire fighters... Yeah.
 Lakin getting excited, Santa's on his way down!
Pretty sure she was reaching out and screaming "Santa" like a crazed Bieber fan.

After he was rescued the line to see Santa was impossibly long, Bennett had pooped right through his holiday attire and our little elf was in need of some serious nappage.  So we saw Santa from afar and created some fun family traditions.  So that's how seeing Santa went, for those who followed up.


  1. First thought that comes to mind...all this was done in typical Jaeger Fashion...we love you guys!!

  2. Lakin rocked her Santa outfit. I think Ben needs some Ray Ban's to go with his outfit. Thanks for sharing.