Friday, January 11, 2013

Bennett: 4 Months

No.  Not possible.  My baby boy is 4 months old.

Let me tell you about Mister Mister at 4 months...

Little guy is quickly out growing his swing, much to his mother's chagrin.  Where will baby nap throughout the day?  Where?

He also is not a car seat sleeper like his sister was when she was this age.  You take this boy to Panera and he insists on getting out of the car seat and looking around.

He's a total flirt.  He locks eyes with anyone who looks his way and easily flashes an adorable grin.  This is helpful when he releases a silent but deadly fart that could quickly clear a room.  Good thing you're charming, buddy.  Heaven help us in the tween years.

He smiles and laughs at just about anything his big sister does.

He can hear my voice from another room and begins to look for me.

He'll give you a slobbery kiss if you snuggle his face.

Boy can break out of a swaddle Houdini style despite expert swaddling efforts from his father.

He likes to fight himself to sleep when taking his naps.  Lots of thrashing about and a few tears.  I feel like I've got him in a wrestling hold sometime when calming him before laying him down.

He's freakishly strong, you know, for a baby.

His favorite place is his play mat.  He could lovingly make out with that low hanging giraffe for fifteen minutes at a time.

When we're alone Ben and I can carry on a grunt conversation with one another.  He loves it.

He also loves my singing.  A lot.  His favorite songs are the made up on the spot ones.

He is absolutely the best snuggle buddy.  Especially in the early morning when I'm drinking coffee and reading.  He will sleep on me or nuzzled next to me which is pretty much the best way to start a day.

Bennett Brand, I love you.  Happy four months, little man!


  1. Sara, he is so cute. SBD is better than LBD (LOUD BUT DEADLY). Interested to see what you do after the swing goes away. That will be a sad day in our house.

  2. I hope you save this for him to read some day and for you to look back on. so sweet.