Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Magic: Part I

Christmas last year was very special since Lakin was captivated by the magic of the season.  But at one and a half, there was much she did not understand or was not able to appreciate.  This year however, Christmas was a season of preparing our minds, hearts, and home as we got excited to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We played with the Little People Nativity set, opened Christmas books each night, kept our eyes open for the lights of the season and attended several holiday parties and activities and Lakin was swept up in the power and magic of Christmas.  

I think the kid can recite Twas the Night Before Christmas on demand and each morning she would wake up asking if today was Christmas Eve.  How fun to experience it all through her eyes.  The Christmas songs, the decorating of the tree and the elaborate scenes of the holiday around town had her mesmerized.  

We began a few traditions we hope to continue for years to come and I think they are all things Lakin will anticipate for next Christmas.  One of Lakin's favorite activities was baking and decorating Christmas cookies.  Those cookies were some of the most festive (read: gawdy) cookies of the season.  
 Christmas Eve we attended evening church and headed home to make homemade pizza in the shape of a Christmas tree.  Pizza was consumed and Christmas music dance party ensued.

Christmas morning was nice and leisurely.  Chris made it in to work to check on patients and back before the kids were even awake.  We opened presents and made homemade donuts, bacon and eggs for breakfast afterward.  The morning was so fun and relaxing.  Lakin could have easily been happy with one present.  After she would open something she would want to open it immediately to play.  We had to prod her to keep opening the remaining gifts.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Christmas was so much fun this year! I can appreciate this post.