Monday, January 14, 2013


Yes it is January and I'm still talking about Christmas.  Sue me.  I haven't had much time to sit down and record.  So lets all step into our time traveling machines and go back two weeks with me.  Eh?

Chris had the week following Christmas off and we were able to spend the entire week in Kansas City with our friends and family.  It was GLORIOUS.  I read for pleasure, sometimes slept in, drank coffee without reheating it four times in the morning, and had delicious meals each night without having to lift a finger or plan a meal in advance.  A girl could get used to that.  So allow me to recap our trip via pics.    Sit down.  This one is a long one.

We left Rochester Saturday morning and make it to KC in time for some dinner and presents at my parents' house.  We tried something new and didn't borrow a DVD player for Lakin (mostly due to a lack of planning ahead on my part) and discovered she takes naps without Dora constantly yapping at her.  She also loves to look at books and Highlights magazines.  Not too bad without the telly to entertain her.

Lakin received some Princess dolls, a homemade skirt and pillow and a homemade I Spy game (which is perfect to stick in a bag and pull out in a store).  Bennett received those homemade soft blocks and a wet bag for a his diapers.  He was elated.  As usual.  :)  

My mom took us to Crown Center to check out the holiday display and activities for kids.  There's a Santa's Play Land that Chris and I both frequented each Christmas as kids.  It's now more Crayola themed than Santa but still quite magical.  Lakin ran around and climbed in this play area for a while.

 That giant piece of plastic around Lakin's neck is her beloved Tinkerbell necklace my mom made out of a party favor.  Might have been Lakin's favorite thing in her stocking.  I tell you, Grandma knows where it's at!

 Chris manned the coats and Ben while we supervised Lakin jumping off things.

 Outside, there are large cars and toys to climb on and inside.  There's also an outdoor skating rink which we will have to try when Bugs is a bit older.

 I'm sure I'll regret this photo someday soon.  You're welcome.
 Lakin helped Grandma make some Cowboy cookies.  Can I just tell you, there is something really special about watching your daughter do something with you mother that you loved to do as a kid?

 Grandma to the rescue again!  Lakin's Tinkerbell wings only had Velcro to hold them on.  Grandma fastened some straps and voila, the girl has reliable, stay put wings.
Lakin loved her time at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  

After staying with my folks we moved our stuff five minutes down the road and spent the last part of our time with Chris' family.  

 Lakin and Gigi had a tea party and used Grandma Ellie's redbird tea cups for the special occasion.
 In other news, Ben proved himself to, in fact, be THE WORLD'S CUTEST LITTLE BROTHER.

 Two extra stockings were hung this year for our newest members of the family, Ben and Aunt Jessica.
 Tank top in December?  Why not?

 Ben's Noah's Ark soft toy.
Gigi helps Lakin put on her new Dora watch.  Now maybe I can tell her wake up time is not until 7:30am and she'll stay put in her room until then...
Gigi and Lakin read a coffee table art book probably ten times while we were home.  They sat and looked at all the fine art and Gigi would tell her about the art or artists.  Lakin's favorite was the Thinker.  Clearly.
 I had coffee out almost every morning.  It was a glorious and self indulgent treat.  New Year's Eve I met The Council - my life friends - for some coffee, quality time, and catch up.  Bonnie now lives in KC, Mary Kate in Chicago and Carly in St. Louis.  Not pictured was Polly who was snow bound in Columbia.  We poured one out for our missing sista.
 All my buddies are now on Instagram.  I'm an IG evangelist.
 New Years Eve was cray cray.  We made homemade pizza, guacamole, buffalo chicken dip and played group games.  WILD.
 Carly and sleepy Reese.
 Bonnie and Everett
 Yeah, I'm a mom of two.  What's it to you?

 Probably the best selfie I have ever taken.  Ever.
 Classic Matt Roach pose.  I don't know.
 Husbie getting worked up during Fishbowl.  Do me proud.
 Chris and I's gift to one another was an overnight date on the Plaza.  It was awesome.  Dennis and Geri watch the babes and we shopped, ate, and slept past 8am.  LUXURY.

 The swanky Hotel Raphael.  Very awesome.

 Had dinner at Gram & Dun.  Great cocktails,  yummy food, the BEST company.
 Happy Hour Margs and Cosmo at Kona Grill.  Oh my word.  I don't know why we don't do happy hour more often.  Oh yeah, residency and kids.

 Sushi, you make me cry with joy.
 Just making ourselves comfortable at Restoration Hardware.
 Plaza lights from our hotel room.

It was so good to be home for a week.  Loved being with family and friends.  It fed my soul.  

Thanks for hanging with this picture heavy post.  It is mid January and I'm still talking about Christmas, but you know...

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  1. So much to love I don't know what to comment on first! What a great Christmas season you all enjoyed!! What a blessing that you were able to have such a relaxing enjoyable time back home. What a way to recharge those batteries so your ready for the long days of winter still left here in MN!! And good for you and Chris taking time to sneak away for some couple time..Way to go!!! Gotta take of yourselves too!!!