Wednesday, January 23, 2013

tiny update on the offspring

It's been  awhile since I've updated the blog with family photos and stories.  Month 4 hit and Ben developed some needs.  Imagine that.  Ha!  He actually looks to be entertained and soothed.  I guess we knew it was coming.  Still an easy kid but really looking to interact more and more each day.  Makes for some fun and exhausting days.

As soon as one child is cared for, the other needs something.  I honestly don't remember the last time I actually had breakfast.  Like before lunch hour.  I'm not complaining (well, maybe a little) but I see that all my extra hobbies are taking a back seat to actually caring for the littles in our home.

Typical morning in our house looks something like this...

5:00 am Feed Ben and put him back to bed.  Go back to sleep myself.
5:30 am Chris gets up and pokes me to get up with him.  Go back to sleep.
6:00 am Get up and enjoy child free moment, coffee, and possibly the Good Book.
6:30 am Lakin's up and I know she's a ticking potty bomb.  Really loving my quiet time but not more than I love not having to wash her sheets and/or clean up a potty mess.
7:00 am Finally get Lake out of bed.  Come upstairs, convince her to try using the potty, put pants on for the day, allow me to brush her hair, etc.
7:30 am Make her breakfast and get Ben up for some breakfast too.
7:45 am Remind Lakin from the couch that Ben is eating and I do not have a gazillion hands to get her more milk right that second.
8:00 am Clean Lakin, change and dress Ben, encourage him to play a little on his own with the play mat, put on Diego for Lakin, hop in the shower.
8:15 am Lakin pokes her head into the shower, she's completely stripped down and climbing in whether I like it or not.
8:16 am Exit shower, get Lakin out of shower, get everyone dressed.
9:00 am Usually time for us to be out the door, I'm lucky if I brush my teeth, let alone get something to eat.

So now, a quick update and photos taken with my for real camera, not my phone.  I know.  GASP.  These photos have been sitting on the camera just begging to be uploaded.  They're not edited.  You get what you get and you don't throw a fit, right?  New mantra in our house.  Mostly a reminder for me.  :)

First, Bennett.

Little guy is working on some teeth, I just know it.  We've now entered the slobber phase where every sleeper and onesie is wet within fifteen minutes.  Perfect timing for some winter chapping of the face.  :)      Sophie the giraffe has been helping him work through his teeth issues.  Lakin wasn't so much into the giraffe and instead preferred to put random items from the floor in her mouth to ease her teething pain.  Sophie is a much better choice, little guy.

 When he's not rocking a monkey PJ on the couch, Ben likes to spend his time in the Bumbo seat and on his play mat.  Pretty soon we'll bust out the "office" also known as the exosaucer in an attempt to teach him to play independently.

  Ben has his first baby friend, and dare I say, baby crush.  Claire is two weeks younger then Bennett and her big sister is one of Lakin's besties.  Ben and Claire has been destined for something great since the womb.  Here is one of their many floor/tummy time dates.  Turns out Ben's much more happy about tummy time when he has a pretty girl to look at.

 Ben's also started laughing and giggling.  This typically happens when being thrown (cautiously) into the air or when he's playing with his dad.  Those boys sorta like each other.  Daddy comes home and Ben just grins ear to ear.
 His cheeks, guys... I could rub my face against those sweet cheeks of his forever.  I love laying him down at night or nap because I can just put my face next to his and breathe in his baby goodness.  OH MY WORD.  I can already tell that there's something special between a momma and her boy.
 Ben heads to the doctor next week for his 4 month check up (a smidge late).  We're really hoping his head has rounded out.  The doctor mentioned a baby helmet last check up if things didn't improve on their own.  While I would never wish for Ben to have to wear the head gear, I resolve to have a good spirit about it if it's recommended.  Little boy will have the best damn helmet EVER if it comes to that.

And here's proof that my babies like their milk.

And now for a little Lakin update.

 Lakin has been giving her mother a run for her money. So nothing new.  This little girl is into EVERYTHING.  After nap until bedtime is often spent finding Lakin playing with something dangerous, fragile or forbidden, prying it from her hands and redirecting her attention to something more appropriate.  No, we do not climb the bookshelf.  No, we do not throw Ben's dirty diapers all over the nursery.  No, we don't fill a million tiny Tupperware containers with water from the fridge water dispenser and leave them all over the kitchen floor.  For obvious reasons.

 She's pretty crafty too.  Whenever I suggest it's time for "rest" or bedtime, Lakin says, "Is it almost time to play?"  She knows good and well she's about to be confined to her bed.   Good try though.  She's also become a little negotiator.  "I just need one more, Momma.  how about one more and then we're done."  "Mom, I need a tiny snack. Just a tiny one."  Also when given a directive, like pick up the cards or take a potty break, she likes to chime in "... and then I get a Dora snack."  It seems to Lakin that she is in charge.  All of the time.
 Her crazy locks are finally growing into something a bit more manageable.  I even got this adorable bow in before it was shaken loose from her jumping all over the basement.  Small victories.  At least she'll let us comb her hair, I used to have to wrestle her down or put on some Dora to distract her long enough to get it combed and off her face.
Her favorite letter currently is K.  Clearly.  Didn't you have a favorite letter as a child?

It's cold here (hello, high of -8) and we're desperate to get some energy out.  We've been zipping up and heading out for some play dates and time at little Toddler hangouts around town.  It's totally worth the forty minutes of gathering, zipping, and covering that must happen to get two out the door and on their way for play.

So there's a quick update.  One that took me all morning to write.  :)


  1. What a good looking kids. I see two happy kids in those photos. I smile every time I see them.

  2. I love this update. Lakin is a negotiator? Could have fooled me! Cutest kids I've ever seen! (prejudiced)