Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dear Lakin

Dear Lakin,

You are so wonderfully wild.  I know I don't always show my appreciation for your zest and curiosity but I know God gave you the spirit He did because He has some big and fierce plans for you.  You are your own little person, stubborn as me.  At times we clash simply because we both refuse to budge.  Lately you've dug your heels in on the potty training and reminded me that you are the only person who can make yourself go in the potty.  My heart is learning a lot of important lessons right now as I work to raise you and love you as I've been called.  You challenge me and make me better.  You are the sharpening iron and the mirror my soul needs as I grow in my own faith.

I adore so many things about you.  I love your compassion for others, the way you run to those who you love and shower them with your attention and care without fear of rejection.  You let your brother pull your hair and slobber on your shirt and you shush him quietly when he's upset and are patient when he's making things take longer than you're used to.  You're such a wonderful big sister.  This sibling love is so much better than I even imagined.

You make your dad and me laugh so much.  Sometimes, even in the middle of disciplining you, you give us a goofy grin and crack a joke and it is so hard for us to keep a straight face.  You have a magnetic little personality and I pray that gift of yours will be used make others feel loved as you grow older.  I so appreciate your desire to make all people feel included and cared for.

While you don't have your dress up clothes currently (since you're not using the potty we would hate to have accidents in your pretties)  you find ways to jazz up your outfit.  You have the craziest sense of style but your confidence makes it work.  Currently you love accessories and refuse to wear them in any kind of conventional manner.  I think you will be a trend setter for the rest of your life.

I love you.  I'm so thankful for you.  Bless you, sweet girl.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Oh, Bennett...

Ben loves to take baths.  Lately I've put both kids in together to minimize hot water waste and streamline the grooming process.  These two could play in the bathtub forever.  I typically have to put the kibosh on bath time once Lakin starts throwing cups full of water in Ben's face.  Ben thinks it's hilarious, though.  We already had the "his parts are different than yours" conversation with Lakin when she suddenly became extra curious about Ben's nether region. Real life science lessons are happening here, people.

Ben's been putting in lots of time at the office (aka the exosaucer).  He kicks his legs and spins the seat and gives big, slobbery kisses to all the little friends on the tray.  Usually good for a shower for mom.  Maybe time to cook some dinner.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lakin Style

Somedays. Letting go of control and allowing her to freely express her style.

Blogging from my phone.

Just a test.

Monday, February 18, 2013

that time I took too many photos AKA Lindy's Baby Shower

My good friends in Rochester are FINALLY having babies.  Thank goodness.  Lindy's little girl is set to arrive mid-April and Casey and I had a blast planning her special shower.  Nacho bar.  Check.  Celebrity trivia.  Check.  Tons of adorable girl clothing and laughter.  Check.  Dare I say it was LEGENDARY?

Here are two of my dear friends, Casey (co-host) and Lindy (honoree).  Casey is in her second trimester and Lindy in her third.  Those are their baby bump bookends.
So many cute gifts including some adorable French inspired baby shoes, science flashcards for the inner nerd in Baby L and a scandalously adorable lady bug swimsuit.  We were marveling at how much baby McKinley looks like the Gerber baby.

 Mr. Nolan was a CHARMer.

 Love these women!
 Classic Sara and Lindy...Yeah.
 Um, yes, that is a Harry Potter wand.  Love the photo bomb by my girl, Sara, you might remember a post on her baby shower.  She's holding sweet Isla who has made her big appearance into the world two months ago.  You know it's a good party when Harry Potter wands make it out.  Cough, nerd, cough.

We joke that people come to Rochester to have babies and that you have to be careful when you drink the water here.  These four new friends are evidence that the Urology department is doing it's part to keep the world populated.  From top: baby Eli, baby McKinley, baby Nolan and Baby Isla.  All born in the last 4 months.  Not pictured, crazy man, Ben.  He was home screaming his head off with dad.  Teeth!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My funny Valentines

We celebrated Valentine's day with loads of pink and red balloons.  Lakin and Miss Cathy went on girls trip to Costco while Ben and I went to the doctor for a few hours to check out the melon shape.  Chris brought home tulips and the makings for Pad Thai and spring rolls and we did some cooking altogether.  Great day.

Here are the other photos from our impromtu sesh.  Does it get any better than a little man in a sweater vest?  Really?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ima-ga-nary Friends

Meet Diego and Alicia.  These are Lakin' dearest friends.  My mom sewed these pillows for Lakin's room but they rarely just sit atop her bed.  Diego and Alicia eat all meals with us, they take up precious couch real estate and I have been scolded many times for sitting on them or tossing them aside.  I have found Diego and Alicia on the toilet, in the tub when I pulled back the shower curtain one morning and tucked in to my own cozy bed.

Lakin likes to play hide and go seek with them.  She pretends to take them to the Target bakery for a free cookie.  She lays out outfits on top of them and changes them throughout the day.  Most played with item in our house, second only to Chris' pager and a freshly replaced roll of toilet paper.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happiest of Valentine's Day from our family to yours.  

Monday, February 11, 2013

Bennett: 5 Months

Happy 5 month, Little Ben.  You are bringing so much joy to our home with your little dinosaur like squeals and your belly laughs.

At your most recent doctor's visit you weighed 16 lbs and were in the 75% for weight and the 39% for height.  The doctor thinks you're such a good baby (and I don't think he tells all the baby mommas that).  You were so good getting your shots, only cried a little and smiled at the doctors and nurses as we went back for your check up.  Everywhere you go people fawn over you and you really know how to work a room.  Even with a pacifier in your mouth you can get a grin going to melt even the hardest of hearts.

You are becoming more outspoken with little coos and grunts as you play.  Your sister is still the only one who can really get you giggling.  She's kind of obsessed with you too.  She loves to help me change your diaper, scold you for pooping in your diaper (even though that's totally normal at your age) and wants to hold you for about three seconds.  I can already see you two beginning a wonderful friendship.

You are just about crazy over the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes toy.  When the notes light up your eyes get REALLY big.
I'm starting to pack bibs with me everywhere I go because you're drooling all over the place.  Those teeth must really be working their way to the surface.

You take after your mom and dad and favor an early bedtime.  Sometimes you start getting cranky as early as 5:30 pm.  You still like to be swaddled but have recently worked your arms out of the swaddle at night so you can move more freely.  You have figured out how to put the pacifier in your own mouth, a skill Mommy is so excited to see you use.   Oh, and if you can get your bedonkadonk rotated, you will be rolling in no time.  That rear just seems to have a mind of it's own!

Overall you are super laid back.  You like to be part of whatever is going on and rarely take naps on the go like your sister did.  It's kind of cramping Mommy's style but hey, raising kids isn't for the faint at heart, right?

Oh, and you still have some of the smelliest toots around.

Love you, buddy.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life According to the iPhone

If you follow me on instagram, then you've already seen many of these gems.

A side note about instagram:  I love it.  I love seeing a visual representation of my friends' and family's day.  If you're not using it, you should.  Because I don't know how you keep on living without hourly photos of my coffee cup, children and the skyline.  I just don't.

1. Chocolate chip cookies with Lakin and Annie.  You haven't lived until you've made cookies with two 2 year olds.  2. Bennett is the best sport ever.  3. Wearing David's headphones.  4. Monkey business 5. Lakin was wearing a bathing suit and swim hat when I got her in the morning.  This was the beginning of the swimsuit obsession as you will soon see.  6. Swimming in the bathtub to pass the winter minutes 7. Bumbo, PJs, Paci... Life is good.  8. Potty stand down (notice kicked over stool in protest) 9. Bringing back an oldie but a goodie, the EXOSAUCER!

1. Handsome man in a vest 2. Watching TV from her side table perch  3. Putting Barbie to bed on the kitchen stool 4. Swimming pirate 5. Frog hat 6. My packaging helper 7. Thuggin' 8. Ballerina Baby sleeps on packing pillow 9. Sleepy Bear Head

1. Selfie- the things we do for our kids... 2. Happy Boy in Jess' arms 3. Zoning to Diego 4. Jen (and Scott's photo bomb) at Winter Wonderland 5. Winter Wonderland selfie 6. cloth diapers!  7. date night at Redwood Room 8. Terror in our bed.  9. mailing a package "just like Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood"

1. Penguins!  2. Sibling Chill Out 3. Mommy and Lakin selfie session 4. Swaddled Baby 5. Those eyes! 6. Nacho Libre 7. Barnes and Noble with Miss Cathy 8. Things sisters do 9. Valentine's surprise from Grandma!

At the conclusion of this post I have decided to refrain from ever using the word "selfie" again.  You're welcome.

Friday, February 8, 2013


So someone was at my bedside calling my name at 5:20 am.  No worries, after a tinkle in the potty Chris marched her back to bed.  TOO EARLY, Lakin.  TOO EARLY.  Not long after though my other babe was ready to eat and I was listening to Lakin swoon her babydolls over the monitor with her sweet singing voice and we were up for the day.  Good thing I love coffee and morning time.  Of course as I attempted to feel sorry for myself, Chris was already up, dressed and on his second cup of coffee when Lakin entered our room at that ungodly hour.  Soooo... yeah.  Reason #542 I'm not a surgeon.  Sounds like some foder for a #stayathomemomproblems tumblr site.

I did get a little Valentine's card made for the blog and looked at my photos on Instagram for the zillionth time.  I love looking at old pictures.  Do you guys do that?  Look back through your albums and smile at the way your family has changed, the memories you made, that you're no longer uncomfortably pregnant?  Yeah, I thought so.

Anyhow, I hope you're having a fabulous day.

Here's some current photos of kids.  Because, really, that's what you're here for.

 big boy in the bumbo
 topless valentines, why, of course

 gorgeous girlie
 impressive drool string disrupts an otherwise powerful image

 cathy and ben

 morning snuggles in our bed
 pbs kids app
ben wants in on super why action