Friday, February 8, 2013


So someone was at my bedside calling my name at 5:20 am.  No worries, after a tinkle in the potty Chris marched her back to bed.  TOO EARLY, Lakin.  TOO EARLY.  Not long after though my other babe was ready to eat and I was listening to Lakin swoon her babydolls over the monitor with her sweet singing voice and we were up for the day.  Good thing I love coffee and morning time.  Of course as I attempted to feel sorry for myself, Chris was already up, dressed and on his second cup of coffee when Lakin entered our room at that ungodly hour.  Soooo... yeah.  Reason #542 I'm not a surgeon.  Sounds like some foder for a #stayathomemomproblems tumblr site.

I did get a little Valentine's card made for the blog and looked at my photos on Instagram for the zillionth time.  I love looking at old pictures.  Do you guys do that?  Look back through your albums and smile at the way your family has changed, the memories you made, that you're no longer uncomfortably pregnant?  Yeah, I thought so.

Anyhow, I hope you're having a fabulous day.

Here's some current photos of kids.  Because, really, that's what you're here for.

 big boy in the bumbo
 topless valentines, why, of course

 gorgeous girlie
 impressive drool string disrupts an otherwise powerful image

 cathy and ben

 morning snuggles in our bed
 pbs kids app
ben wants in on super why action

1 comment:

  1. 1. Has Ben already had a haircut? Look at all that hair! Ellie is still sporting peach fuzz although it's coming in a little thicker now.
    2. I get lost looking through old pictures (by old I mean anything that was taken longer than 5 minutes ago). It's my happy place :)
    3. Your kids are adorable. Looks like they are already good friends.