Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dear Lakin

Dear Lakin,

You are so wonderfully wild.  I know I don't always show my appreciation for your zest and curiosity but I know God gave you the spirit He did because He has some big and fierce plans for you.  You are your own little person, stubborn as me.  At times we clash simply because we both refuse to budge.  Lately you've dug your heels in on the potty training and reminded me that you are the only person who can make yourself go in the potty.  My heart is learning a lot of important lessons right now as I work to raise you and love you as I've been called.  You challenge me and make me better.  You are the sharpening iron and the mirror my soul needs as I grow in my own faith.

I adore so many things about you.  I love your compassion for others, the way you run to those who you love and shower them with your attention and care without fear of rejection.  You let your brother pull your hair and slobber on your shirt and you shush him quietly when he's upset and are patient when he's making things take longer than you're used to.  You're such a wonderful big sister.  This sibling love is so much better than I even imagined.

You make your dad and me laugh so much.  Sometimes, even in the middle of disciplining you, you give us a goofy grin and crack a joke and it is so hard for us to keep a straight face.  You have a magnetic little personality and I pray that gift of yours will be used make others feel loved as you grow older.  I so appreciate your desire to make all people feel included and cared for.

While you don't have your dress up clothes currently (since you're not using the potty we would hate to have accidents in your pretties)  you find ways to jazz up your outfit.  You have the craziest sense of style but your confidence makes it work.  Currently you love accessories and refuse to wear them in any kind of conventional manner.  I think you will be a trend setter for the rest of your life.

I love you.  I'm so thankful for you.  Bless you, sweet girl.



  1. The last one...the last one is definitely my favorite. (Not to be biased, but...) I've always thought if I had a girl I'd want it to be somewhere between Lakin and Ashley D's Addy. Maybe that's one in the same thing? All I know is that I love a girl with spunk, and Lakin has spunk in spades.

  2. Sara you k ow you could write books sell them and become a millionaire. You say everything a mother thinks love reading keep writing.

  3. I read this in Florida and then tonight after we got home and there were tears in my eyes both times. I hope you save this for Lakin to read some day.