Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life According to the iPhone

If you follow me on instagram, then you've already seen many of these gems.

A side note about instagram:  I love it.  I love seeing a visual representation of my friends' and family's day.  If you're not using it, you should.  Because I don't know how you keep on living without hourly photos of my coffee cup, children and the skyline.  I just don't.

1. Chocolate chip cookies with Lakin and Annie.  You haven't lived until you've made cookies with two 2 year olds.  2. Bennett is the best sport ever.  3. Wearing David's headphones.  4. Monkey business 5. Lakin was wearing a bathing suit and swim hat when I got her in the morning.  This was the beginning of the swimsuit obsession as you will soon see.  6. Swimming in the bathtub to pass the winter minutes 7. Bumbo, PJs, Paci... Life is good.  8. Potty stand down (notice kicked over stool in protest) 9. Bringing back an oldie but a goodie, the EXOSAUCER!

1. Handsome man in a vest 2. Watching TV from her side table perch  3. Putting Barbie to bed on the kitchen stool 4. Swimming pirate 5. Frog hat 6. My packaging helper 7. Thuggin' 8. Ballerina Baby sleeps on packing pillow 9. Sleepy Bear Head

1. Selfie- the things we do for our kids... 2. Happy Boy in Jess' arms 3. Zoning to Diego 4. Jen (and Scott's photo bomb) at Winter Wonderland 5. Winter Wonderland selfie 6. cloth diapers!  7. date night at Redwood Room 8. Terror in our bed.  9. mailing a package "just like Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood"

1. Penguins!  2. Sibling Chill Out 3. Mommy and Lakin selfie session 4. Swaddled Baby 5. Those eyes! 6. Nacho Libre 7. Barnes and Noble with Miss Cathy 8. Things sisters do 9. Valentine's surprise from Grandma!

At the conclusion of this post I have decided to refrain from ever using the word "selfie" again.  You're welcome.

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  1. Love instagram and I can't help but notice that even in subzero temps Lakin loves to wear sleeveless tops and her swimsuit. She will probably follow her uncle to Seattle someday. Meanwhile, Baby Ben doesn't move an inch looking all cute and snuggly in his hat and sweaters inside the house.