Friday, February 22, 2013

Oh, Bennett...

Ben loves to take baths.  Lately I've put both kids in together to minimize hot water waste and streamline the grooming process.  These two could play in the bathtub forever.  I typically have to put the kibosh on bath time once Lakin starts throwing cups full of water in Ben's face.  Ben thinks it's hilarious, though.  We already had the "his parts are different than yours" conversation with Lakin when she suddenly became extra curious about Ben's nether region. Real life science lessons are happening here, people.

Ben's been putting in lots of time at the office (aka the exosaucer).  He kicks his legs and spins the seat and gives big, slobbery kisses to all the little friends on the tray.  Usually good for a shower for mom.  Maybe time to cook some dinner.


  1. He would make a cute E-Trade Baby!

  2. let me know when Ben is ready for the big boy seat in the tub- we have the one you can sit him up in and it suctions to the bottom of the tub :)