Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bennett: 6 Months

Happy half birthday little man!

 Yes, those are American Flag swim shorts.  It was Lakin's idea to take some photos with them.  The white fur really adds a touch of class, doesn't it?  I am quite certain I'm going to have to a disgruntled twelve-year-old boy to answer to someday for photos like these.

Baby boy spent his half birthday feeling crummy.  He's fighting a monster cold and is very sad and in need of lots of cuddles.  You can tell he's not feeling his best in some of the photos but momma needed to post his 6 month pictures so we all muddled through.

Check out those chompers.  I'm certain there are a few more teeth on their way too.  Babies are teething for EVER.  It is the perfect explanation for any fussy behavior.  Am I right?

I feel the need to clarify that Ben is not crawling.  In my post about feeding him solids I said time was flying and also crawling.  Both Chris' parents and mine read that to say Ben was crawling.  HE IS NOT.  Thank goodness.  I couldn't handle two movers yet.  Ben isn't even interested in rolling over.

Let's see... updates on the Benster.

He's really cute.  I mean, really.

He likes to grab everything, hence my permaponytail.

He does little mini stomach crunches in an effort to sit himself up.  I see a Presidential Fitness Award in his future.

He is back to sleeping all night long.  He's tuckered out by about 6pm everyday and ready to get up and party at 6:30am each morning.

I think we'll keep him.


  1. Great pics! He is so adorable and such mixture of you and Chris!

  2. Grandpa is so proud of his Grandson. What a good looking dude. I love the pictures.