Saturday, March 16, 2013

Life According to the iPhone: February Edition

Warning, this one's a long one.  If you follow me on instagram, you've probably seen many of these little photos.

1. Shower for Carli- who has since brought baby Evelyn into the world!  Welcome little girl! 2. Ben being absolutely wonderful and adorable (first of many of these photos in this post) 3. Ben in the mustache onesie my mom made 4. Annie and Lakin reading at Monkey Junction, two peas in a pod 5. SHAMROCK shake in February after hearing of their early release 6. Ben on Valentine's day, onesie made by my mom 7. top knot/ stylista 8. happy boy getting a head scan 9. baby doll in a helmet

 1. playing in the sunshine surrounded by snow- ready for the snow to be gone but it continues to fall even though it's mid March 2. family movie night: The Lorax, Ben fell asleep within ten minutes and Lakin was begging for Diego within the first thirty minutes... Fail. 3. ice cream after a successful day at ikea 4. Goldilocks in ikea bed 5. Lakin speaks harshly to Diego and Alicia about something; missed the wag of the finger but it happened. 6. Molly and Lakin reading "mazagines" 7. shamrock shake 2 (in the EXACT same position as the other shamie pic, hmmmm 8. Ben fell asleep in Target after lots of angry fussing 9. Someone is not so fond of the cold and snow.  I hear ya, buddy.

1. tried the frozen crock pot meal craze and realized a couple of things: a. crock pot meals all taste the same b. they aren't as yummy as you hope c. you're stuck with sub par left overs forEVER  2. Ben giving smooches 3. first taste of rice cereal, still as unimpressed as he was at first bite... 4. baby boy loves this balloon 5. Ben's vampire move 6. Lakin trying on accessories in GAP 7. This boy!  Wearing PJS, snuggling baby animals, oh my!  8. Lakin and Annie's tea party 9. Ben waves me and my camera off

1. The most dramatic tantrum over the removal of Dora nightgown and dressing for the day 2. meeting her idol at the Kingdom Kids' carnival 3. sensory table at the carnival 4. relishing in the abundance of dress up clothes (currently forbidden at home until we're pooping in the potty) 5. hungry 6. Father/Son nap 7. baby jeans 8. trying on Mom's skirt 9. morning sibling snuggles (+ Diego and Alicia)

1. Lakin prepares her latest blog post 2. goggles 3. "Emily is my best friend, she knows everything." 4.  planting produce in the library garden 5. fishing in the library 6. driving the bus together 7. mail delivery 8. Swimsuit/ Postal/ Gold Boots 9. sickie

1. Snow Day (everyday) 2. lawnmower, bike, ball - snow ain't holding Lakin back 3. giggles
4. Lakin and Annie at Monkey Junction AGAIN, reading AGAIN (notice they both have a Dora book) 5. Lakin checking herself out in the mirror at the butt crack of dawn after she's woken me up and I'm pretending to still be asleep 6. Ben loves Pat the Bunny 7. Casey and the tiniest purse every at the Lia Sophia party 8. teepeed 9. baking a cake for Casey

1. El Carambas for Casey's birthday = sombreros for all 2. favorite photo of Lakin to date 3. limes - this is a regular occurrence when in the presence of Daniel and Alonso 4. Lakin puts on baby swim trunks and proceeds to wear them the rest of the day 5. water in the basement at 2 am while on call makes for an angry husband 6. Dora Memory 7. lady like paci 8. Lakin and all her friends 9. Ben plays independently and proves himself to be the world's easiest little baby

So, yeah.  This is what we've been up to.  A whole lot of crazy nothing.  We're ready for summer around these parts.

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