Friday, March 1, 2013


We have had no shortage of the white stuff these last couple of weeks.  You know, I'm okay with snow.  I prefer it to fall on Christmas Eve and be completely done by New Years but that's not how things work here in the North.  So we're embracing our snow land and doing a little playing.  Clearly, we haven't embraced it enough to get proper snow boots and gloves.  There's always next year.

 And you thought snow pants came in standard pink, black, and navy.  These snow pants are so dang cute.  I mean, come on.
 She was begging to go outside the second the snow started falling.  That Aunt Jemima head wrap is actually mine but she insists on wearing it.
 Pay no attention to the dirty boot marks all over her coat.  That couldn't be from the immediate dropping of the coat in the doorway the second she walks into the house every. single. time.

 Note to self for next winter: this kid needs waterproof gloves.  These dinky ones from Walmart won't cut it.
 So maybe the snow is really pretty.
 Spotting a birds nest under the deck.
 Who needs a tissue?
 Baby Cora was tolerating the snow but a little unimpressed.
 Forcing the issue of the slide despite the obvious obstacles.
Snow fight with Audrey.

Dear March, please bring with you a couple balmy 40 degree days.  I am getting a little cabin fever with my two kids.  If I could have a couple of opportunities to go to the grocery store without taking 20 minutes to suit the kids up head to toe that would be peachy.  Better yet, let's skip right to May.

a slightly seasonally depressed mother of two

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