Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bennett: 7 Months

Little Mister is seven months today and despite the fact that it's ugly outside (snow and ice) it's pretty dang adorable in here.  This guy is seriously catching up with his sister in personality and energy.  He's currently into screaming.  All the time, always joyful, always LOUD.  Chris' parents were here for a week and Ben's happy screech woke them up quite early most days.

He is grabbing and looking to snag anything within reach, including sister's hair any time she dares to come close.  I pried a handful of her sweet locks from his death grip just the other day.  The days of holding Ben while enjoying coffee, a book, or really, just about anything, are over.  Little man is definitely strong and determined (sounds like someone else I know whose name rhymes with fakin').

Bennett has taken to his solid food and will grunt and wrestle his way though every meal.  He's always disappointed when I get to the last spoonful of the bowl and sometimes aggressively grabs my hand and pulls it to his mouth if I'm not feeding him fast enough.  I feel like I'm feeding a goat at the petting zoo most days.

He's sitting completely unsupported and totally uninterested in laying on his back or tummy.  He can roll and will only do so if absolutely necessary.  Otherwise, he prefers to be upright, either sitting or standing in the exosaucer.

In big and exciting news, Bennett rode in the big kid seat of the Target shopping cart.  Lakin was not too fond of the new seating arrangement and was quite resentful of her brother's constant probing and attempt at hand holding.  It was a tiny glimpse into the joys of siblinghood to come.

B-Town just had his 6 month doctor visit and an ear infection was discovered.  Since starting antibiotics some of his eye funk has cleared itself.  He proved to be a boss on the growth chart and to hate shots.  In true typical Jaeger family fashion.

My favorite thing about Bennett is how happy he is to see me each morning.  My least favorite thing is that he has recently started peeing on me during every diaper change.  Cool trick, Ben, but enough is enough.


  1. I laughed out loud at the goat analogy. Some people say their kids freak out about ear infections and others say they had no idea because their kid acted normal. Did been just act normal? Handsome dude.

  2. Ashley, I had no idea he had the infection. This happened at many of Lakin's well baby visits as well. I guess he was tolerable of the pain.

  3. What a good looking Man. I see Chris and Sara in every smile. Grandpa Lakin could not be happier. I love you Mr. B.

  4. He is so cute! He is also such a great mix of you and Chris I think!