Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mall of America

Last Wednesday we went with Chris' dad to the Mall of America to enjoy the rides at Nickelodeon Universe.  I was worried Lakin would be too young to appreciate the rides but there was plenty for her to enjoy and she had herself a wonderful time.

She's small enough to be able to take a chaperone on most rides without extra charge.  Papa, Daddy and I all took turns riding with her.  I was so proud of her courage with the rides and she did a great job being okay with leaving at the end of our time in the amusement park.

First ride of the day: Blue's Skiddo with flying dogs.  It was pretty much as awesome as you might imagine it to be.
Always with the tongue out, this one.
I got a little crazy with those turns.  I was clearly the only adult enjoying this ride.
We hit up the classic carrousel.
Daddy took Lakin on the giant Dora Ferris Wheel.  From up there they had a spectacular view of the entire amusement park.
Papa and Ben chilling down below.  
 The twins.
 Lakin's favorite ride by far was the Backyardigans' ride that shot kids straight up into the air and would rise and drop over and over.  Think Baby Detonator for all your Worlds of Fun fans.  She just barely met the height requirements and had to ride alone.  She was watching Chris the whole time and was so excited.  I was a bit nervous that she'd flip once the ride really started bouncing but the kid loved it.  Of course.  Lakin eats danger for breakfast and then begs for more.

I definitely think we'll be back sometime.  It was the perfect getaway for the day and a memory Lakin keeps talking about.

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