Sunday, May 19, 2013

Transportation Fair

When Rochester has a FREE, kid friendly event the masses flock.  In an attempt to get the kids out of the house and give them a cultural experience, I jumped on the bandwagon too and Chris and I found ourselves Saturday morning at the Rochester Transportation Fair.  Wowee.  I wish I could relay to you how jazzed Chris was about this.  In between rounds.  Yep, his enthusiasm was off the charts as you'll soon see evidenced in the the below photos.

We met my friend, Kerri, and her girls, Annie and Claire, for the fair.  For this event, cars, trucks, tractors, emergency vehicles, snow plows, etc. lined the streets and kids could walk through the trucks, sit in the seats, basically explore the vehicles.  And boy was it entertaining for these girls.  They had a ton of fun and wore themselves out with all the excitement.  Ben and Claire were perfect and remained amazingly calm, enjoying all the transportation fair had to offer from the shade of their stroller seats.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Park It.

Since spring has finally hit Lakin is begging to go to the park every minute of the day.  Typically her requests go in this order: "Can you make me breakfast?  Can we go to the park?   Can we make cookies?"  Picture all three rattled off at 5:54am from a tiny, crazy haired tot peering over the edge of your bed breathing morning breath into your face as a hello to your day.

Since Lakin loves being outdoors and I love to ensure Lakin gets all her wiggles out, we've made many a gaunt to our neighborhood park.   Thank goodness the place is right around the corner.  We frequent often.

Lakin's outfit, yes the one with the purple skirt, plaid cropped pant and metallic star shirt, was all her own awful doing.  I really had to let go of that one when she came upstairs wearing the outrageous combo.  Bennett's bear hat atones for all Lakin's style sins.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Bennett: 8 Months

Little man is 8 months and one day.  I am choosing to showcase his professional photos because they are DAR-ling.   I mean, Midwest LifeShots does it again.  His face, I could stare at it all day.
 This is his "Say cheeese!" smile  Still only two teeth and some super swollen gums.
 Angelic peek-a-boo.  Will be sure to keep this tucked in my back pocket for his toddler years, will need some reminders of this sweet innocence.
 He has a full head of man hair.  It's stylish and untamed.

 Not crawling.  Mostly just bellowing from the belly position for someone to rescue him from his tummy.
 This picture is my favorite of the two of us.  My hair.  It never does that.  My friends are MAGIC with a camera, magic!
 They were having a little pow wow with the wall here.
 My chubby, drool bear.
Ben chillaxing in his nursery.

Jen, Kadi and Scott I can't thank you enough for so sweet images of my boy.  You guys are simply the best.  I will cherish these photos forever.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

growing pains

I realize things have been quiet on the blog front.  Minus the occasional goofy photo which I really can't resist sharing with the whole world.  But every time I sit down to write, I am stuck.  Not sure what to say or how to say it.  I have been learning so much in these last couple of months, maybe this last year.  I am growing up as a parent and it's been hard to put into words.

When I was little I would get these terrible pains in my legs.  They would come at night and for weeks at a time.  Our doctor assured us that the pains were simple growing pains, a common by product of a growing body.  My mom and dad spent many evenings rubbing my legs with Aspercreme and reassuring me that all was okay.  Growing pains, if you've never experienced them, are dull aches that typically reside in the legs.  They are not crippling but they are just painful enough to keep you awake, make it difficult to walk and give you a nagging concern in the back of your mind.  The pain is completely normal and necessary for the few who experience growing pains.

I'd say the last six month or so I've been experiencing adult growing pains.  They've come as a by product of parenting a lovely, strong-willed, beautiful, little girl.  Since this is our first attempt at parenting I really don't know if all kids are like Lakin or if we're being broken in for the siblings to come.  A two-year old is hard.  Like, make you face your sin in a whole new way, kind of hard.

I want to be the parent who always responds with empathy and patience.  I want to have realistic expectations and exercise loving authority but often times I feel I'm bumbling through parenthood, eyes squeezed tight, mouth clenched and fingers crossed that I'm making decisions the best I can.  There's no playbook for those interesting and difficult moments we face with our children.  I have no idea how far to push and when to give a little.  I just pray that my words are honorable and in step with the Spirit.

I am growing up.  I'm dealing with my impatience, my judgment, my anger, all the people-pleasing tendencies I possess and I'm learning to let go of those things and embrace a little Jesus provided grace.  My wisdom comes from Him.  Even though I've been known to Google things like "toddler mood disorders" and "how to do timeout effectively."

You know, sometimes your kid's a crab face.  They don't feel like being grateful and generous and loving toward their neighbor.  They whine through Target and then act surprised and CRAZY when they don't get a kid's cookie in the bakery.  Sometimes they snatch up a toy from their baby brother and scream, "That's mine!"  Sometimes they look you in the eye and pee on your kitchen floor.  It's embarrassing and you kind of want to find a hole and crawl in.  You think to yourself, it's a good thing we're related because you'd be on my play date blacklist right now otherwise.   But at the end of the day they can make you melt with their slobbery good night kiss and retelling of every single detail of their day with a tiny, toddler lisp for added adorableness.

So I guess the cute stories have slowed down on the blog because sometimes I forget the cute moments and focus on the moments when my toddler unbuckled herself in a moving vehicle or threw herself in hysterics at Bible Study.  But it's all part of life, part of growing up, part of learning how it works.  We all need grace, for every moment of the day.  So I'm thankful for the pains of growing up as I figure out how to raise a human to be decent and loving and kind.  I think it's a normal part of the process.  In fact, maybe the pain is my reminder that I can't do this by my own strength, to remind me to look to Him to carry me through each moment.

Oh, parenthood.  You crazy.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


After plowing snow and being confined to the house all day due to a massive and unnecessarily cruel trick of Mother Nature, a girl deserves a little raspberry infused 7 Up to drink while wearing her yoga pants.

Instagram LOVE

Welcome to crazy town.

This here blog has been a bit neglected.  I've had tons to share but at the end of each day all I could bring myself to do was sit on the couch with Chris and indulge in Mad Men Season 5.  So Instagram has taken over my documenting needs and shared with the world all these little moments that really only a few probably appreciate.

Oh, these kids.  They are something else, aren't they.

Here's a quick glimpse into the last couple weeks via the iphone.

 1. Lakin performs horse ballet.  If she was a pageant girl, this would be her talent.  She could give Honey Boo Boo a run for her money.  2. Bennett with his gummy grin.  Still only 2 teeth.  Still absolute perfection.  3. This kid NEVER sleeps on me.  When he does my heart just about explodes.  Rare moment of snuggle from Ben. 4. Meet Brynn, Lindy and Brian's little girl.  5. The sweet family 6. Newborn love.  Lord, help me calm my baby fever.  7. Brynn with her dad 8. Cathy and the crew.  WE love Cathy and Pat the Bunny in our house.
 1. Epic bedhead.  Also, the swimsuit returns.  2. Direct result of having an older sister 3. Baby Paparazzi 4. Brother Sister horse ride ended in tears from all 5. Those faces.  I mean, really?  6. Crumbs Cupcakes from the world's greatest bosses for no reason at all 7. Mouse on a tiny swing, think what you want but you would have taken a picture too, trust me.  8. The sass master at work
1. They giggle together nonstop  2. baby in the tunnel 3. "Art Wednesday"- the name suggests it happens every Wednesday but in reality, it only happened that Wednesday 4. That hair stayed like that until the next bath time.  5. Bennett recognizes himself on the wall 6. Lakin longingly stalks the cupcake box 7. Carly and I outside at Devoted Hearts - GLORIOUS on so many levels 8. First outdoor campfire with the Yelfimovs, spring is here (even if it's taking a tiny breather today)
1. Lakin became straight up obsessed with Carly while she was in town.  2. jumping.  topless.  all pretty typical 3. watching dad play tennis 4. at the farm watching the animals 5. driving the tractor 6. dress up time in big sister's room 7. dance party atop of the pile of tires 8. outdoor snacking- raspberries and cucumbers

Life has been good, full, and crazy.  Just the way we like it around here.

sibling love

These two are becoming little buddies.  Sure, there's the occasional sit on Bennett, but really they totally love one another.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lakin Says

In the car on the way home from Miss Cathy's:

Lakin: "Mommy, did you know my daddy is a doctor?"

Mommy: "Yep."

Press Play

over and over