Monday, May 13, 2013

Bennett: 8 Months

Little man is 8 months and one day.  I am choosing to showcase his professional photos because they are DAR-ling.   I mean, Midwest LifeShots does it again.  His face, I could stare at it all day.
 This is his "Say cheeese!" smile  Still only two teeth and some super swollen gums.
 Angelic peek-a-boo.  Will be sure to keep this tucked in my back pocket for his toddler years, will need some reminders of this sweet innocence.
 He has a full head of man hair.  It's stylish and untamed.

 Not crawling.  Mostly just bellowing from the belly position for someone to rescue him from his tummy.
 This picture is my favorite of the two of us.  My hair.  It never does that.  My friends are MAGIC with a camera, magic!
 They were having a little pow wow with the wall here.
 My chubby, drool bear.
Ben chillaxing in his nursery.

Jen, Kadi and Scott I can't thank you enough for so sweet images of my boy.  You guys are simply the best.  I will cherish these photos forever.

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