Thursday, May 2, 2013

Instagram LOVE

Welcome to crazy town.

This here blog has been a bit neglected.  I've had tons to share but at the end of each day all I could bring myself to do was sit on the couch with Chris and indulge in Mad Men Season 5.  So Instagram has taken over my documenting needs and shared with the world all these little moments that really only a few probably appreciate.

Oh, these kids.  They are something else, aren't they.

Here's a quick glimpse into the last couple weeks via the iphone.

 1. Lakin performs horse ballet.  If she was a pageant girl, this would be her talent.  She could give Honey Boo Boo a run for her money.  2. Bennett with his gummy grin.  Still only 2 teeth.  Still absolute perfection.  3. This kid NEVER sleeps on me.  When he does my heart just about explodes.  Rare moment of snuggle from Ben. 4. Meet Brynn, Lindy and Brian's little girl.  5. The sweet family 6. Newborn love.  Lord, help me calm my baby fever.  7. Brynn with her dad 8. Cathy and the crew.  WE love Cathy and Pat the Bunny in our house.
 1. Epic bedhead.  Also, the swimsuit returns.  2. Direct result of having an older sister 3. Baby Paparazzi 4. Brother Sister horse ride ended in tears from all 5. Those faces.  I mean, really?  6. Crumbs Cupcakes from the world's greatest bosses for no reason at all 7. Mouse on a tiny swing, think what you want but you would have taken a picture too, trust me.  8. The sass master at work
1. They giggle together nonstop  2. baby in the tunnel 3. "Art Wednesday"- the name suggests it happens every Wednesday but in reality, it only happened that Wednesday 4. That hair stayed like that until the next bath time.  5. Bennett recognizes himself on the wall 6. Lakin longingly stalks the cupcake box 7. Carly and I outside at Devoted Hearts - GLORIOUS on so many levels 8. First outdoor campfire with the Yelfimovs, spring is here (even if it's taking a tiny breather today)
1. Lakin became straight up obsessed with Carly while she was in town.  2. jumping.  topless.  all pretty typical 3. watching dad play tennis 4. at the farm watching the animals 5. driving the tractor 6. dress up time in big sister's room 7. dance party atop of the pile of tires 8. outdoor snacking- raspberries and cucumbers

Life has been good, full, and crazy.  Just the way we like it around here.

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