Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Park It.

Since spring has finally hit Lakin is begging to go to the park every minute of the day.  Typically her requests go in this order: "Can you make me breakfast?  Can we go to the park?   Can we make cookies?"  Picture all three rattled off at 5:54am from a tiny, crazy haired tot peering over the edge of your bed breathing morning breath into your face as a hello to your day.

Since Lakin loves being outdoors and I love to ensure Lakin gets all her wiggles out, we've made many a gaunt to our neighborhood park.   Thank goodness the place is right around the corner.  We frequent often.

Lakin's outfit, yes the one with the purple skirt, plaid cropped pant and metallic star shirt, was all her own awful doing.  I really had to let go of that one when she came upstairs wearing the outrageous combo.  Bennett's bear hat atones for all Lakin's style sins.

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  1. Great photos!! Especially Lakin on the swing.