Sunday, May 19, 2013

Transportation Fair

When Rochester has a FREE, kid friendly event the masses flock.  In an attempt to get the kids out of the house and give them a cultural experience, I jumped on the bandwagon too and Chris and I found ourselves Saturday morning at the Rochester Transportation Fair.  Wowee.  I wish I could relay to you how jazzed Chris was about this.  In between rounds.  Yep, his enthusiasm was off the charts as you'll soon see evidenced in the the below photos.

We met my friend, Kerri, and her girls, Annie and Claire, for the fair.  For this event, cars, trucks, tractors, emergency vehicles, snow plows, etc. lined the streets and kids could walk through the trucks, sit in the seats, basically explore the vehicles.  And boy was it entertaining for these girls.  They had a ton of fun and wore themselves out with all the excitement.  Ben and Claire were perfect and remained amazingly calm, enjoying all the transportation fair had to offer from the shade of their stroller seats.


  1. LOVE these, Sara! Just thought I would pay this blog a visit this morning to see if there were any wonderful photos from the transportation fair. You've got talent;)

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