Saturday, June 22, 2013

awkward phase

Allow me a tiny minute to sound off about crawling.  With Lakin, we couldn't wait for her to crawl.  She was a bit late to the game on this developmental milestone and I was always in a hurry for her to reach the next "baby thing" because I am competitive and somehow in my irrational, first time mom mind, I figured early crawling equaled early reader, great humanitarian, superior being...

Bennett has been crawling for all of a week and I'm straight up sick of it.  Crawling is an awful in-between phase that really cramps a mother's style.  Long gone are the days of plopping little boy down and giving him a few toys, trusting that when I get done curling my hair or cleaning the kitchen he'll be right where I left him.  Now he follows me around the house.  Little fingers run the length of the bathroom door each time I pee, desperately trying to figure out how to open it.

The bathroom is his favorite place to be.  If the door is open he makes a beeline.  All the hair and germs gross me out and so the bathroom is closed to those unable to walk.  I don't want to watch Bennett try to make out with the bathmat, and he will try, believe me.

Every piece of lint, every stray living room pillow feather, every tiny lost morsel from the earlier meal goes in his mouth.  It means I need to be even more on top of cleaning the house, but I don't have as much time to vacuum and sweep since I'm chasing, wrestling, and wrangling this little diaper-clad dude.

Yesterday morning I reheated the coffee four times before giving up.  Bennett knows where every outlet is upstairs, he's personally inspected every cord in the living room.  Who knows how much floor dirt he's consumed.  I'm exhausted.  THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.

I remember from my rookie days with Lakin that the crawling leads to pulling up, which leads to cruising which leads to walking which leads to irritating things like climbing, pulling stuff down, and running.  Your days are now spent with a single objective: keep this kid alive.  Which I suppose has always been my objective?  But now it's a whole lot more challenging.

I know it's a phase.  This too, shall pass.  But seriously, crawling is not all it's cracked up to be.

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  1. I was just telling Ian this morning that I am completely exhausted sometimes, not physically, but mentally, trying to keep Miles safe anymore. I'm still a rookie, but I just want to gate our entire house. Particularly all tiled areas. And get a helmet. I caught him licking the appliances this morning and thought, have at it, partner.