Monday, June 24, 2013

Casey's Shower: You Know You're a Nerd When... Alternately Titled: The Urology Department Continues to Mass Populate the Earth

Our dear friends, Casey and Daniel, are expecting their first, a little boy, July 25th.  I'm secretly hoping the baby will wait one extra day and share a birthday with Lakin.  I couldn't be more thrilled to meet this little one.  He's a lucky guy, his momma is one of the best with kids.  That, and Casey and Daniel have enjoyed many meals out and the ease of being childless for far too long.  I cannot wait to hand their kid salt shakers at restaurants, tell him about the monsters in the sky who make thunder and encourage him to eat another cupcake after consuming way too many as it is.  All sweet things "Uncle Daniel" is guilty of doing for our little ones.

Casey loves herself some Harry Potter, I mean what self-respecting person doesn't?  HP for LIFE! In honor of her love for this magical tale of triumph we used it as a theme to plan her baby shower.  I have to say, this might be the most fun I've had planning a baby shower ever.  And you know I love me some baby showers!

Anyway, let's get on to the photos and details.

 Cake ball golden snitches with special ordered gold icing spray paint because my girl, Lindy, doesn't do anything halfway.
 Chocolate licorice wands
 The donut hole sorting hat.

 The full spread.

 Lindy had an impressive amount of decorations on hand thanks to her annual Halloween party.
 Ain't a baby shower without some veggies and dip.
Legit Butterbeer.  Novel, but not as tasty as I was dreaming of.  Beverage contains for real butter, cream soda and butterscotch topping.  Low cal.

 Brynn was a party animal.  She celebrated 2 months that day.

 Nolan rocks the HP glasses.

 Lakin ran like crazy with her buddy, Asher.  Those two entertained themselves the entire party.
 The entrance to the party: Platform 9 3/4.  This lasted all of 15 minutes before Lakin and Asher ripped it down.  This was to be expected.
 Casey and Bennett
 Marisa and Eli
 Rachel and Sam (also 2 months)

 Sophia and Ben chilled out together.  They texted before the party to coordinate their outfits.
 Ellen is a professional baby holder.  Also a closet HP fan.  She tore it up in the HP trivia game.  IMPRESSIVE.

 Courtnie is new to our Rochester Urology family.  We introduced her to the controlled chaos of all the babies and children and gave her a baby to hold the entire party.  We hope she continues to hang out with us.

 Mandy, our experienced Mom of the group, got Casey a certificate for a pedicure because she knows how important it is for mothers to take care of themselves.  She's got four kids of her own and started her career as momma with twins.  Fountain of wisdom!
 Kamber and Bennett bonded.

 Catherine and Sophia, who just celebrated her first birthday.
 Casey is such a cute pregnant woman.
Lindy picked up the perfect onesies for the party.  This baby is destined to love Harry Potter, just like his momma.

Casey will be an amazing mother.  It was so fun to shower her with love and gifts and we can't wait for Baby Yelfimov to make his way into the world.


  1. Ben is getting SO BIG! I can't believe it! It goes by way too fast. BTW, I love Lakin's style!

  2. This is one of the most creative baby showers I've ever seen. Kudos, Sara. Also, I have never seen so many babies at a baby shower!