Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chief Party: A Urology Tradition

Each year, a class of chief residents goes on to greener pastures.  They graduate and leave Mother Mayo for their grown up jobs, or, if they prefer to be punished a little while longer, an academic fellowship.  As a fun farewell, the outgoing class throws a big shindig as a final hurrah.  It's always a fun theme, serious costumes (minus a few jokesters, more on this soon) and an evening with plenty of material for legendary stories told to younger classes for years to come.  This year did not disappoint.

Theme: Pirate of the Perineum 

Oh, Urology humor, how tasteless you be.

Pirates, their wenches, swords, bandanas, missing teeth... all expected.  Chris and his classmates decide to think outside the box and prepare homemade parrot costumes.  In their spare time, read: until 11pm the evening before this gig.  Homemade costumes seem to be expected after last year's Ninja Turtle costumes.  Chris and his three male classmates like to come in group dress to this party.  Unsuspecting victims would get "tutrtled" thought out the night.  Picture being completely enclosed between four sweaty men in turtle costumes dancing frighteningly close.  Our four parrots caught a couple of dance victims this year too.

The birds were malting and paper feathers littered the dance floor by the end of the evening.

 Casey's costume might be my absolute favorite.
 I went as treasure.  It was a same day costume.  Aren't those always the best kind?
 Brian puts on the bird feathers for the first time.
 Alonso was the brains behind this concept.  He took things two steps further with a peg leg and an Angry Bird mask.  Surgeon by day, costume designer by night.
 Daniel seemed to love this.  I have WAY TOO MANY photos of him this evening, posing for the camera, embracing his inner parrot.
 Chris gets a little air.

 There's strength in numbers.
 Unconventional maternity photos.
 A colleague get's a little parrot love.

The class of residents the year behind us.  Went a little more traditional but pulled it off.  Points for baby Sam's pirate costume.

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  1. These just make me laugh. Love the one with Chris taking flight.